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Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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56720}A group of cybernetic creatures|from the future
{56726}{56826}have travelled back through time|to enslave the human race.
{56832}{56973}And you're here to stop them?|Hot damn! You're heroic.
{57011}{57166}- We're going to prove it to you.|- There she is! Beautiful!
{57186}{57298}- All right, take a look.|- Well, well, well...
{57304}{57411}What have we got here?|I love a good peep show.
{57697}{57835}That's a trick.|How did you do that?
{57841}{57945}- It's your telescope.|- That's our ship. The Enterprise.
{58128}{58247}And Lily is up there?|Can I talk to her?
{58253}{58355}We've lost contact with the ship.|We don't know why yet.
{58361}{58509}- So what is it you want me to do?|- Conduct your flight as planned.
{58515}{58590}Why tomorrow morning?
{58669}{58782}At 11 o'clock an alien ship|will be passing this solar system.
{58788}{58880}Alien? You mean extra-terrestrials?
{58886}{58968}- More bad guys?|- Good guys.
{58974}{59053}They have no interest in Earth...|too primitive.
{59113}{59290}When they discover that humans have|learned how to fly faster than light,
{59296}{59401}they alter their course and make|first contact with Earth right here.
{59407}{59471}- Here?|- Actually, over there.
{59477}{59606}It's a pivotal moment in human history.|You make contact with an alien race.
{59612}{59694}After you do,|everything begins to change.
{59700}{59834}Fleets of starships are built|and mankind explores the galaxy.
{59840}{59995}It unites humanity when they realise|they're not alone in the universe.
{60001}{60103}Poverty, disease and war|will all be gone in 50 years.
{60109}{60246}But unless you make that warp flight|tomorrow, none of it will happen.
{60252}{60348}You people are all astronauts...
{60354}{60425}on some kind of star trek.
{60431}{60534}I know this is a lot to take in,|but we're running out of time.
{60540}{60661}- We need your help.|- What do you say?
{60942}{61001}Why not?
{62424}{62537}It looks pretty bad, sir.|They control decks 26 up to 11.
{62543}{62644}When they took Deck 11 ,|they stopped.
{62650}{62761}They've assimilated half the ship.|Why stop there?
{62767}{62888}- What is on Deck 11?|- Hydroponics. Deflector control.
{62894}{62996}They stopped there because|it gave them a tactical advantage.
{63002}{63036}Return to your checkpoints.
{63100}{63168}What happened in sick bay?|Where's Dr Crusher?
{63174}{63261}- Why did you break the cease-fire?|- We didn't attack you.
{63373}{63491}There's a new faction that|wants to prevent tomorrow's launch.
{63497}{63633}We're here to help you.|You are not in Montana anymore.
{63639}{63762}You are on a spaceship|orbiting the Earth.
{63768}{63881}- Get me out of here.|- All right.
{63925}{63998}You want a way out. Here it is.
{64063}{64137}What is this?
{64207}{64304}Australia. New Guinea.|The Solomons.
{64310}{64447}Montana will be up soon,|but it's a long way down.
{64453}{64555}I'm not your enemy|and I can get you home.
{64561}{64653}Put the weapon down and trust me.
{64774}{64923}Jean-Luc Picard.|That's my name, what's yours?
{64997}{65089}- Lily.|- Welcome aboard, Lily.
{65255}{65319}Thank you.
{65361}{65463}Maximum setting. If you'd fired this,|you'd have vaporised me.
{65507}{65585}It's my first ray gun.
{65975}{66146}- There's no glass.|- Force field.
{66152}{66315}- I've never seen such technology.|- It hasn't been invented yet.
{66367}{66427}There's more I have to tell you.|Come on.
{66568}{66639}Are you ready?
{66645}{66719}- Who are you?|- I am the Borg.
{66725}{66834}That is a contradiction. The Borg|have a collective consciousness.
{66840}{66914}There are no individuals.
{67049}{67202}I am the beginning, the end,|the one who is many.
{67539}{67613}I am the Borg.
{67715}{67801}I am curious,|do you control the Borg collective?
{67807}{67915}You imply disparity where|none exists. I am the collective.
{67921}{68050}I'll rephrase the question.|I wish to understand their
Звёздный путь: Первый контакт Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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