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Follow me.
{39112}{39252}Engineering will be the central point|from which they control the hive.
{39258}{39392}If we begin firing in there,|we may hit the warp core.
{39455}{39598}Our goal should be to puncture|one of the plasma coolant tanks.
{39604}{39740}Plasma coolant will liquefy|organic material on contact.
{39746}{39868}The Borg cannot survive|without their organic components.
{39874}{39966}All weapons will be set|on a rotating modulation.
{39972}{40070}The Borg will adapt quickly.|We'll be able to fire 12 shots at most.
{40076}{40244}You may encounter crew members|who have already been assimilated.
{40250}{40426}Don't hesitate to fire. Believe me,|you'll be doing them a favour. Let's go.
{41372}{41460}Will, don't turn off that!
{41466}{41624}Who is this jerk? And who told him|he could turn off my music?
{41630}{41745}Will Riker, Zefram Cochrane.
{41810}{41883}- Is he a friend of yours?|- Yes.
{41889}{41943}- Husband?|- No?
{42032}{42105}- This, Deena...|- Deanna.
{42144}{42230}This... is the good stuff.
{42236}{42310}Dr Cochrane...
{42316}{42418}To the Phoenix...|May she rest in peace.
{42622}{42699}Okay, that wasn't so good.
{42741}{42874}- We have to tell him the truth.|- Then the time line...
{42880}{43003}This is no time to argue about time.|We don't have the time.
{43123}{43229}- What was I saying?|- You're drunk.
{43236}{43358}He wouldn't even talk to me|unless I had a drink with him.
{43363}{43512}It took three shots of tequila|just to find out his name.
{43517}{43627}I've spent the last 20 minutes|trying to keep his hands off me.
{43633}{43736}So don't go criticising|my counselling techniques.
{43801}{43894}It's a primitive culture.
{43901}{44069}I'm just trying to blend in.|He didn't believe our cover story.
{44075}{44198}We're running out of time.|Will he be able to handle the truth?
{44261}{44426}If you're looking for my|professional opinion... He's nuts.
{44433}{44508}I'll be sure to note that in my log.
{46608}{46736}Captain, I believe I'm feeling...|anxiety.
{46742}{46817}It is an intriguing sensation.
{46823}{46970}Data, perhaps you should deactivate|your emotion chip for now.
{46976}{47095}Good idea, sir... Done.
{47101}{47189}Data, there are times that I envy you.
{47474}{47597}It's only me! We have wounded here.
{47634}{47762}- Get these people back to Deck 14.|- There was a civilian with us.
{47768}{47883}- We'll watch for her.|- Please, try to find her.
{48408}{48536}Lower your weapons. They'll ignore|us till the consider us a threat.
{49581}{49640}The manual release.
{49680}{49755}Mr Worf, hold this position.
{49893}{49970}Manual release on-line.
{50129}{50215}Perhaps we should just knock.
{50597}{50657}Ready phasers.
{50948}{51000}Data, cover me.
{51196}{51266}Captain, they have adapted.
{52163}{52268}Regroup on Deck 15.|Don't let them touch you.
{52324}{52405}- Captain!|- Data!
{53092}{53164}Please, help.
{53628}{53736}- You! How the hell?|- Back off!
{53742}{53864}Who are you?|What faction are you with?
{53870}{54002}- I'm not with the Eastern Coalition.|- Just get me the hell out of here.
{54008}{54099}- Now!|- That isn't going to be easy.
{54105}{54220}You'd better find a way,|or I'm going to start pushing buttons.
{54286}{54371}- Follow me.|- Slow!
{55410}{55503}You won't be able to break|the encryption codes.
{55509}{55592}Nor will you|be able to assimilate me.
{55598}{55675}Brave words.|I've heard them before.
{55681}{55819}From thousands of species|across thousands of worlds.
{55825}{55899}But now they are all Borg.
{55905}{56082}I am unlike any life form|you have encountered before.
{56088}{56183}You are an imperfect being,|created by an imperfect being.
{56189}{56315}Finding your weakness|is only a matter of time.
{56500}{56594}Let me make sure I understand you|correctly, Commander.
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