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a repair crew down here.
{29099}{29251}I'm on my way. Alpha team,|we're heading down to the surface.
{29257}{29327}Porter, take command while I'm gone.
{29333}{29464}Check out the environmental controls.|It's a little warm in here.
{29924}{29998}Isn't it amazing?
{30004}{30116}This ship|used to be a nuclear missile.
{30122}{30222}An historical irony. Using an|instrument of mass destruction
{30228}{30311}to inaugurate an era of peace.
{30551}{30692}A boyhood fantasy. I've seen|this ship in the Smithsonian,
{30698}{30773}`but I was never able to touch it.
{30779}{30899}Does tactile contact|alter your perception of the Phoenix?
{30905}{31043}For humans, touch can connect you|to an object in a very personal way.
{31049}{31129}It makes it seem more real.
{31253}{31365}I'm detecting imperfections|in the titanium casing.
{31371}{31461}Temperature variations|in the fuel manifold.
{31467}{31560}It is no more real to me now|than it was a moment ago.
{31566}{31678}- Would you three like to be alone?|- What have you found out?
{31684}{31789}- There's no sign of Cochrane.|- He has to be here.
{31795}{31897}This ship and this flight|were his dream.
{31903}{32017}We should consider the possibility|that Dr Cochrane died in the attack.
{32086}{32189}If that's true...|then the future may die with him.
{32385}{32488}- What do you think?|- The entire system has gone crazy.
{32494}{32620}It's affecting the entire deck.|I'll check the EPS conduits.
{32797}{32933}- Hello? Hey!|- Are you talking to me?
{32955}{33028}Is anyone else working up here?
{33034}{33114}Not that I know of.
{33484}{33586}Paul, are you okay in there?
{33981}{34055}Captain, what is it?
{34122}{34226}Picard to Enterprise. Mr Worf,|is everything all right up there?
{34232}{34354}We are experiencing some|environmental difficulties.
{34360}{34504}Humidity has risen 73%|and the temperature is up 10 degrees.
{34510}{34651}Mr Data and I will be right there.|Number One, take charge down here.
{34657}{34805}The damage to her cell membranes|is repaired. She should be fine.
{34811}{34890}Find out why it's so hot in here.
{34896}{34986}- Now what?|- Crusher to Engineering.
{35015}{35047}Crusher to Bridge.
{35111}{35210}- Exactly what's been happening?|- We've lost contact with Deck 16.
{35216}{35320}I was about to send|a security team to investigate.
{35326}{35431}No, seal off Deck 16. Post|security teams at every access point.
{35437}{35542}What environmental conditions|were last reported in Engineering?
{35548}{35669}92% humidity.|39.1 degrees Celsius.
{35675}{35795}39.1 degrees Celsius...|like a Borg ship.
{35801}{35899}They knew their ship was doomed.|Our shields were down.
{35905}{35999}Somehow they transported over here|without being detected.
{36005}{36121}They'll assimilate the Enterprise...|and then Earth.
{36168}{36244}Picard to Riker.
{36279}{36361}Enterprise to Away Team.
{36461}{36591}Main control is being re-routed|through Engineering.
{36597}{36680}Data, lock out the main computer.
{36848}{36992}I have isolated the main computer|with an encryption code.
{36998}{37098}The Borg have cut primary power|to all decks except 16.
{37104}{37158}The Borg won't stay on Deck 16.
{37225}{37321}You're all right. Come on, wake up.
{37356}{37433}You are all right. Listen to me.
{37439}{37525}You're going to be fine.|I need you to do as I say.
{37531}{37641}- Is the EMH programme on-line?|- It should be.
{37647}{37796}- Activate the EMH programme.|- What is the nature of the emergency?
{37802}{37918}20 Borg are about to break in here.|Create a diversion.
{37924}{38009}This isn't part of my programme.|I'm a doctor.
{38015}{38116}Do a dance, tell a story,|just give us a few seconds.
{38276}{38434}According to medical research, Borg|implants can cause skin irritations.
{38440}{38544}Perhaps you'd like|an analgesic cream.
{38647}{38703}Which way?
{38709}{38796}We need to get off this deck.|
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