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{15958}{16077}- Is that a vital system?|- Trust me, Data.
{16083}{16198}The fleet has responded, sir,|they're standing by.
{17154}{17243}- Mr Hawk, pursuit course. Engage.|- Aye, sir.
{17384}{17494}- What?|- I can hear them.
{17528}{17635}I have a patient here|who insists on coming to the bridge.
{17641}{17743}- Welcome aboard, Mr Worf.|- Thank you, sir.
{17749}{17832}- The Defiant?|- Adrift, but salvageable.
{17838}{17920}- Tough little ship.|- Little?
{17926}{18024}Mr Worf, we could use some help|at tactical.
{18083}{18180}You do remember|how to fire phasers?
{18348}{18431}We're detecting|chronometric particles.
{18437}{18515}- They're creating a temporal vortex.|- Time travel.
{18754}{18848}- Data, report.|- We're caught in a temporal wake.
{18854}{18929}Captain... Earth.
{19000}{19108}There are high concentrations|of methane and carbon monoxide.
{19114}{19231}- Life signs?|- Approximately nine billion.
{19237}{19305}- All Borg.|- How?
{19311}{19434}They did it in the past. They went back|and assimilated Earth, changed history.
{19440}{19507}Why are we still here?
{19513}{19641}The temporal wake protected us|from changes in the time line.
{19672}{19758}- The vortex is collapsing.|- Hold your course.
{19764}{19860}We must follow them back|and repair the damage they've done.
{20602}{20702}- Come on.|- Good night, Eddie.
{20708}{20772}Go home.
{20778}{20846}You'll regret this tomorrow.
{20852}{21000}You should have learned by now|that I don't have regrets.
{21006}{21093}- One more round, Lily.|- Z, you've had enough.
{21099}{21230}- I'm not flying with a drunken pilot.|- I can't fly sober.
{21271}{21340}What is that?
{21346}{21475}- That is the constellation Leo.|- No, that!
{21692}{21787}- It's the ECON.|- After all these years?
{21922}{22003}We've got to get to the Phoenix.
{22103}{22187}To hell with the Phoenix.
{22647}{22770}Shields are down.|Main power is holding.
{22776}{22866}We are in the mid 21st century.
{22872}{23010}I would estimate we have arrived|ten years after the Third World War.
{23016}{23122}That makes sense. Most of the|major cities have been destroyed.
{23128}{23233}- 600 million dead. No resistance.|- Captain.
{23306}{23401}Mr Worf, quantum torpedoes.|Fire.
{23726}{23806}They were firing at the surface.|Location?
{23812}{23895}Western hemisphere.|North American Continent.
{23901}{24046}- A missile complex in Montana.|- A missile complex?
{24052}{24137}Data, I need to know the exact date.
{24143}{24216}April 4th, 2063.
{24222}{24312}April 4th.|The day before First Contact.
{24318}{24427}The missile complex must be|where Cochrane is building his ship.
{24433}{24497}They came to stop First Contact.
{24502}{24593}- How much damage, Lieutenant?|- I can't tell.
{24599}{24695}We'll have to go down there|and find out what happened.
{24701}{24765}Have a security team ready.
{24771}{24857}Computer, 21st century clothing.
{24863}{24908}Number One, you have the Bridge.
{25161}{25231}Over here.
{25774}{25854}They're all dead.
{25962}{26062}See if one of them is Cochrane.|Data, let's go check the warp ship.
{26583}{26681}The structural integrity of the missile|appears to be intact.
{26687}{26761}The fuselage is slightly damaged.
{26767}{26911}We have the blueprints.|We need a team down here.
{26939}{27043}- Hold your fire. We're here to help.|- Bullshit!
{27114}{27205}Captain, I believe I can handle this.
{27978}{28063}This woman|requires medical attention.
{28195}{28312}- Severe radiation poisoning.|- From the damaged ship.
{28318}{28420}I have to get her to sick bay.
{28426}{28520}No lectures on the prime directive,|I'll keep her unconscious.
{28526}{28627}Tell Riker to beam down with|a search party to find Cochrane.
{28633}{28748}Crusher to Enterprise.|Two to beam directly to sick bay.
{28851}{28952}In 48 hours|this ship has to be launched.
{28958}{29093}Geordi, the ship was damaged in the|attack. Get
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