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overseen the assimilation
of millions. You were no different.
Youre lying. You wanted more
than just another Borg drone.
You wanted a human being, a bridge
between humanity and the Borg.
You wanted a counterpart,
but I resisted. I fought you.
You cant begin to imagine
the life you denied yourself.
Its not too late.
Locutus could still be with you,
just in the way you wanted.
An equal.
Let Data go, and
I will take my place at your side, -
- willingly, without resistance.
Such a noble creature.
A quality we sometimes lack.
We will add your distinctiveness
to our own.
Welcome home, Locutus.
Data, you are free to go.
- Data, go.
- No.
- I do not wish to go.
- I have already found an equal.
Data, deactivate
the self-destruct sequence.
Data, no! Dont do it!
Data, listen to me...
Auto-destruct deactivated.
Now enter the encryption codes
and give me computer control.
He will make an excellent drone.
Plasma injectors on-line. Everything
is looking good. I think were ready.
We must break the warp barrier in the
next five minutes to get their attention.
- Main cells are charged and ready.
- Lets do it.
Warp field is looking good.
Structural integrity is holding.
20,000 kilometres per second.
Sweet Jesus!
Relax, theyre just here
to give us a send off.
I am bringing
the external sensors on-line.
30 seconds to warp threshold.
- Approaching light speed.
- Were at critical velocity.
- Quantum torpedoes locked.
- Destroy them.
Watch your futures end.
- Data!
- Resistance is futile.
That should be enough.
Take us out of warp.
- Is that Earth?
- Thats it.
- Its so small.
- It`ss about to get a whole lot bigger.
- Captain.
- Data, are you all right?
I would imagine
I look worse than I... feel.
Part of me is sorry she is dead.
She was unique.
She brought me closer to humanity
than I ever thought possible.
And for a time,
I was tempted by her offer.
How long a time?
0.68 seconds, sir.
For an android,
that is nearly an eternity.
Captains log, April 5th, 2063.
The voyage ofthe Phoenix
was a success... again.
The warp flight was detected, -
- and the alien ship is on its way
to rendezvous with history.
My God!
Theyre really from another world.
And theyre going to want to meet
the man who flew that warp ship.
Live long and prosper.
I think its time
we made a discreet exit.
Stand by to beam us up.
Youve got to go.
I envy you.
The world youre going to.
I envy you. Taking these first steps
into a new frontier.
I shall miss you, Lily.
Picard to Enterprise, energise.
The moon obscured our presence.
The Vulcans did not detect us.
Ive reconfigured the chronometric
readings from the Borg sphere.
- All decks report ready.
- Helm standing by.
Lay in a course for the 24th century.
Our future is waiting for us.
- Course laid in, sir.
- Make it so.
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