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Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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I was one of them.
I have a unique perspective on Borg
and I know how to fight them.
If you will excuse me,
I have work to do.
I am such an idiot...
Its so simple.
The Borg hurt you, and now
youre going to hurt them back.
In my century we have
a higher sensibility than revenge.
Bullshit! I saw the look on your
face when we were on the Holodeck.
- You were enjoying it.
- How dare you!
Youre not the first man to get
a thrill from murdering someone.
- Get out!
- Or what? Youll kill me?
- Like you killed Ensign Lynch?
- There was no way to save him.
- Where was your sensibility then?
- I dont have time for this.
I didnt mean to interrupt your quest.
Capt Ahab has to go hunt his whale.
- What?
- You do have books in the future?
This is about saving humanity.
- Blow up the damn ship!
- No!
I will not sacrifice the Enterprise.
Weve made
too many compromises already.
They invade our space,
and we fall back.
They assimilate entire worlds,
and we fall back.
Not again. The line must be drawn here.
This far and no further.
And I will make them pay
for what theyve done.
You broke your little ships.
See you around, Ahab.
`AAnd he piled upon
the whale`ss white hump -
- a sum of all the rage and hate
felt by his whole race. `
`llf his chest had been a cannon, he
would have shot his heart upon it. ```
- `MMoby Dick`..
- Actually, I never read it.
Ahab spent years hunting
the white whale that crippled him.
A quest for vengeance.
But in the end it destroyed him -
- and his ship.
I guess he didnt know when to quit.
Prepare to evacuate the Enterprise.
- ATR setting?
- Active.
Main bus.
Initiate pre-ignition sequence.
Begin auto-destruct sequence.
Authorisation: Picard 47-AT.
Confirm auto-destruct sequence.
Crusher 22-BC.
Confirm auto-destruct sequence.
Authorisation: Worf 37-GE.
Command authorisation accepted.
Awaiting final code.
Destruct sequence A-1.
15 minutes silent countdown.
- Enable.
- Self-destructin 15 minutes.
There willbe no audio warning.
- So much for the Enterprise E.
- We barely knew her.
Do you think theyll build a new one?
There are plenty of letters left
in the alphabet.
Mr Worf...
- I regret some of the things I said.
- Some?
As a matter of fact, I think youre
the bravest man I`vve ever known.
Thank you, sir.
See you on Gravett Island.
Control to Phoenix,
final launch checks are complete.
- Good luck.
- Everybody ready to make history?.
I think I forgot something.
Its probably nothing.
Begin ignition sequence.
God! Now I remember!
Where is it?
We cant lift off without it.
No, wait. I`vve found it.
Ten, nine, eight...
Lets rock `nn` roll!
Can you turn that down a little?
Weve got a red light
on the second intake valve.
Ignore it. Well be fine.
Shutdown and separation
on my mark.
Three, two, one... mark.
Lets bring the warp core on line.
- Wow!
- You aint seen nothing yet.
If you see any of my crew,
give them this.
Orders to live a quite corner of America
and stay out of historys way.
- Good luck.
- To both of us.
Youre not leaving, are you?
When I was captured, my crew
risked everything to save me.
There is someone still on this ship,
and I owe him the same.
Go and find your friend.
Whats wrong, Locutus?
Isn`tt this familiar?.
Organic minds
are such fragile things.
How could you forget me so quickly?.
We were very close, you and I.
You can still hear our song.
Yes... I remember you.
You were there all the time.
But that ship and all the Borg on it
were destroyed.
You think in such
three-dimensional terms.
How small youve become.
Data understands me.
- Dont you, Data?
- What have you done to him?
Given him what he always wanted,
flesh and blood.
Let him go.
Hes not the one you want.
- Are you offering yourself to us?
- Offering myself?
Thats it! I remember now.
It wasnt enough
that you assimilated me.
I had to give myself freely
to the Borg... to you.
Звёздный путь: Первый контакт Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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