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Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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Im going to take that personal.
- No offence.
I think you got him.
I dont get it. I thought
you said this was a hologram.
I disengaged the safety protocols,
so even a holographic bullet can kill.
- What are you doing?
- Looking for the neural processor.
Its like a memory chip.
It will contain a record of all the
instructions this Borg has received.
- Its one of your uniforms.
- Yes, this was Ensign Lynch.
Tough luck, huh?
Ive got to get to the bridge.
- Doctor...
- Yeah?
- Would you take a look at this?
- Yeah.
Ive constructed the intermix chamber
from what I remember in school.
- You learned about this in school?
- Yeah.
BBasic Warp Design````` is required
reading. You`rrre the first chapter.
Well, it looks like you got it right.
This is what were using to replace
the damaged plasma conduit.
Yes, but you need to reinforce
the tubing with a nano-polymer.
Dr Cochrane, I know this sounds
silly, but can I shake your hand?
Its such an honour to work with you.
I never imagined Id meet
the man who invented warp drive.
Im sorry... Thanks.
- Do they have to keep doing that?
- Its just a little hero worship.
I cant say I blame them.
We all grew up hearing about you.Or, what youre about to do.
I shouldn't say this, -
- but I went
to Zefram Cochrane High School.
- I wish I had a picture of this.
- What?
In the future, this whole area
becomes an historical monument.
Youre standing on the exact spot
where your statue is going to be.
Its marble, about 20 metres tall.
You're looking up at the sky.
Your hand
is reaching toward the future.
I've got to take a leak.
Leak?. Im not detecting any leak.
Dont you people
from the 24th century ever pee?
Oh, leak! I get it.
- Thats pretty funny.
- Excuse me.
Reports of my assimilation
are greatly exaggerated.
I found something you lost.
- I am a Klingon.
- Mr Worf, report.
The Borg control over half the ship.
Theres no power to the bridge.
Ive accessed
a Borg neural processor.
Theyre transforming the deflector
dish into an interplexing beacon -
- to establish a link with the Borg
living in the 21st century.
But the Borg
are still in the Delta Quadrant.
They'll send reinforcements.
Humanity will be an easy target.
We must destroy the deflector dish.
We cant get to deflector control
or a shuttle craft...
Mr Worf, do you remember
your zero-G combat training?
I remember it made me
sick to my stomach.
- What are you suggesting?
- Its time we took a little stroll.
Theres a humanoid life-sign
up ahead.
511 metres.
Its him, all right.
Ive re-modulated the weapons,
but the Borg will be quick to adapt.
We must make every shot count.
- Watch your caboose, Dix.
- I intend to.
- How are you doing, Worf?
- Not well, sir.
Try not to look at the stars.
Keep your eyes on the hull.
Lets go.
Tell me, are you using
a polymer-based neuro-rely -
- to transmit organic nerve impulses
to my positronic net?
If so, how have you solved
the problem of signal degradation?
Do you always talk this much?
Not always, but often.
Why do you insist
on using this primitive language?
Your android brain
is capable of much more.
I am trying to become more human.
We used to be just like them.
Flawed, weak, organic.
We evolved to include the synthetic.
We use both to attain perfection.
Your goal
should be the same as ours.
Believing oneself to be perfect is
often the sign of a delusional mind.
A small being, trying to attack
what he doesnt understand.
You have no real interest in me.
Your goal is to obtain
the codes for the computer.
That is one of our goals,
one of many.
And to reach it,
Im willing to help you reach yours.
Is it becoming clear to you yet?
Look at you, standing there cradling
the new flesh Ive given you.
If it means nothing to you,
why protect it?
I am simply imitating
the behaviour of humans.
Youre becoming more human all the
Звёздный путь: Первый контакт Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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