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Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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able to fire 12 shots at most.
You may encounter crew members
who have already been assimilated.
Dont hesitate to fire. Believe me,
youlll be doing them a favour. Let`sss go.
Will, dont turn off that..!
Who is this jerk?. And who told him
he could turn off my music?
Will Riker, Zefram Cochrane.
- Is he a friend of yours?
- Yes.
- Husband?
- No?
- This, Deena...
- Deanna.
This... is the good stuff.
Dr Cochrane...
To the Phoenix...
May she rest in peace.
Okay, that wasnt so good.
- We have to tell him the truth.
- Then the time line...
This is no time to argue about time.
We dont have the time.
- What was I saying?
- Youre drunk.
He wouldnt even talk to me
unless I had a drink with him.
It took three shots of tequila
just to find out his name.
Ive spent the last 20 minutes
trying to keep his hands off me.
So dont go criticising
my counselling techniques.
Its a primitive culture.
Im just trying to blend in.
He didntt believe our cover story.
Were running out of time.
Will he be able to handle the truth?
If youre looking for my
professional opinion... Hess nuts.
Ill be sure to note that in my log.
Captain, I believe Im feeling...
It is an intriguing sensation.
Data, perhaps you should deactivate
your emotion chip for now.
Good idea, sir... Done.
Data, there are times that I envy you.
Its only me! We have wounded here.
- Get these people back to Deck 14.
- There was a civilian with us.
- Well watch for her.
- Please, try to find her.
Lower your weapons. Theyll ignore
us till the consider us a threat.
The manual release.
Mr Worf, hold this position.
Manualrelease on-line.
Perhaps we should just knock.
Ready phasers.
Data, cover me.
Captain, they have adapted.
Regroup on Deck 15.
Dont let them touch you.
- Captain!
- Data!
Please, help.
- You! How the hell..?
- Back off!
Who are you?
What faction are you with?
- Im not with the Eastern Coalition.
- Just get me the hell out of here.
- Now!
- That isnt going to be easy.
Youd better find a way,
or Imm going to start pushing buttons.
- Follow me.
- Slow!
You wont be able to break
the encryption codes.
Nor will you
be able to assimilate me.
Brave words.
Ive heard them before.
From thousands ofspecies
across thousands ofworlds.
Butnow they are alIBorg.
I am unlike any life form
you have encountered before.
You are an imperfectbeing,
created by an imperfectbeing.
Findingyour weakness
is only a matter oftime.
Let me make sure I understand you
correctly, Commander.
A group of cybernetic creatures
from the future -
- have travelled back through time
to enslave the human race.
And youre here to stop them?
Hot damn! Yourre heroic.
- Were going to prove it to you.
- There she is! Beautiful!
- All right, take a look.
- Well, well, well...
What have we got here?
I love a good peep show.
Thats a trick.
How did you do that?
- Its your telescope.
- Thatss our ship. The Enterprise.
And Lily is up there?
Can I talk to her?.
Weve lost contact with the ship.
We dontt know why yet.
- So what is it you want me to do?
- Conduct your flight as planned.
Why tomorrow morning?
At 11 oclock an alien ship
will be passing this solar system.
Alien? You mean extra-terrestrials?
- More bad guys?
- Good guys.
They have no interest in Earth...
too primitive.
When they discover that humans have
learned how to fly faster than light, -
- they alter their course and make
first contact with Earth right here.
- Here?
- Actually, over there.
Its a pivotal moment in human history.
You make contact with an alien race.
After you do,
everything begins to change.
Fleets of starships are built
and mankind explores the galaxy.
It unites humanity when they realise
theyre not alone in the universe.
Poverty, disease and war
will all be gone in 50 years.
But unless you make that warp flight
tomorrow, none of it will happen.
You people are all
Звёздный путь: Первый контакт Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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