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Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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I believe I can handle this.
This woman
requires medical attention.
- Severe radiation poisoning.
- From the damaged ship.
I have to get her to sick bay.
No lectures on the prime directive,
Ill keep her unconscious.
Tell Riker to beam down with
a search party to find Cochrane.
Crusher to Enterprise.
Two to beam directly to sick bay.
In 48 hours
this ship has to be launched.
Geordi, the ship was damaged in the
attack. Get a repair crew down here.
Im on my way. Alpha team,
werre heading down to the surface.
Porter, take command while Im gone.
Check out the environmental controls.
Its a little warm in here.
Isnt it amazing?
This ship
used to be a nuclear missile.
An historical irony. Using an
instrument of mass destruction -
- to inaugurate an era of peace.
A boyhood fantasy. Ive seen
this ship in the Smithsonian, -
- but I was never able to touch it.
Does tactile contact
alter your perception of the Phoenix?.
For humans, touch can connect you
to an object in a very personal way.
It makes it seem more real.
Im detecting imperfections
in the titanium casing.
Temperature variations
in the fuel manifold.
It is no more real to me now
than it was a moment ago.
- Would you three like to be alone?
- What have you found out?
- Theres no sign of Cochrane.
- He has to be here.
This ship and this flight
were his dream.
We should consider the possibility
that Dr Cochrane died in the attack.
If thats true...
then the future may die with him.
- What do you think?.
- The entire system has gone crazy.
Its affecting the entire deck.
Illl check the EPS conduits.
- Hello? Hey!
- Are you talking to me?
Is anyone else working up here?
Not that I know of.
Paul, are you okay in there?
Captain, what is it?
Picard to Enterprise. Mr Worf,
is everything all right up there?
We are experiencing some
environmental diffiiculties.
Humidityhas risen 73%
and the temperature is up 10 degrees.
Mr Data and I will be right there.
Number One, take charge down here.
The damage to her cell membranes
is repaired. She should be fine.
Find out why its so hot in here.
- Now what?
- Crusher to Engineering.
Crusher to Bridge.
- Exactly whats been happening?
- Wevve lost contact with Deck 16.
I was about to send
a security team to investigate.
No, seal off Deck 16. Post
security teams at every access point.
What environmental conditions
were last reported in Engineering?
92% humidity.
39.1 degrees Celsius.
39.1 degrees Celsius...
like a Borg ship.
They knew their ship was doomed.
Our shields were down.
Somehow they transported over here
without being detected.
Theyll assimilate the Enterprise...
and then Earth.
Picard to Riker.
Enterprise to Away Team.
Main control is being re-routed
through Engineering.
Data, lock out the main computer.
I have isolated the main computer
with an encryption code.
The Borg have cut primary power
to all decks except 16.
The Borg wont stay on Deck 16.
Youre all right. Come on, wake up.
You are all right. Listen to me.
Youre going to be fine.
I need you to do as I say.
- Is the EMH programme on-line?
- It should be.
- Activate the EMH programme.
- What is the nature of the emergency?.
20 Borg are about to break in here.
Create a diversion.
This isnt part of my programme.
Imm a doctor.
Do a dance, tell a story,
just give us a few seconds.
According to medical research, Borg
implants can cause skin irritations.
Perhaps youd like
an analgesic cream.
Which way?.
We need to get off this deck.
Follow me.
Engineering will be the central point
from which they control the hive.
If we begin firing in there,
we may hit the warp core.
Our goal should be to puncture
one of the plasma coolant tanks.
Plasma coolant will liquefy
organic material on contact.
The Borg cannot survive
without their organic components.
All weapons will be set
on a rotating modulation.
The Borg will adapt quickly.
Well be
Звёздный путь: Первый контакт Звёздный путь: Первый контакт

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