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theyvve engaged the Borg.
Mr Data, put Starfleet frequency 1486
on audio.
Flagship Endeavour,
stand by to engage.
Defiant and Bozeman,
fallback to mobile position one.
We have it in visual range.
A Borg cube on course 0215...
We are the Borg. Lower your shields
and surrender your ships.
We will add your biological
distinctiveness to our own.
Your culture will adapt to serve us.
Resistance is futile.
All units, open fire.
Theyve broken through
the defence perimeter.
Continue to attack.
We need reinforcements.
96 dead and 22 wounded
on the Lexington.
Lt Hawk, set a course for Earth.
Maximum warp.
I am about to disobey our orders.
Any of you who wish to object
should do so now.
I believe I speak for everyone here
when I say...
...to hell with our orders.
Red alert. All hands to battle stations.
- Report!
- Power off-line, our weapons are gone.
Perhaps today is a good day to die.
Prepare for ramming speed.
Sir, theres another ship coming in.
Its the Enterprise.
- The Defiant is losing life support.
- Beam the survivors aboard.
Theyve destroyed the admiralss ship.
- What is the status of the Borg cube?
- The outer hull has been damaged.
I am reading fluctuations
in their power grid.
Number One,
open a channel to the fleet.
This is Capt Picard.
Im taking command of the fleet.
Plot in the following coordinates.
Fire on my command.
- Is that a vital system?
- Trust me, Data.
The fleet has responded, sir,
theyre standing by.
- Mr Hawk, pursuit course. Engage.
- Aye, sir.
- What?
- I can hear them.
I have a patient here
who insists on coming to the bridge.
- Welcome aboard, Mr Worf.
- Thank you, sir.
- The Defiant?
- Adrift, but salvageable.
- Tough little ship.
- Little?
Mr Worf, we could use some help
at tactical.
You do remember
how to fire phasers?
Were detecting
chronometric particles.
- Theyre creating a temporal vortex.
- Time travel.
- Data, report.
- Were caught in a temporal wake.
Captain... Earth.
There are high concentrations
of methane and carbon monoxide.
- Life signs?
- Approximately nine billion.
- All Borg.
- How?.
They did it in the past. They went back
and assimilated Earth, changed history.
Why are we still here?
The temporal wake protected us
from changes in the time line.
- The vortex is collapsing.
- Hold your course.
We must follow them back
and repair the damage theyve done.
- Come on.
- Good night, Eddie.
Go home.
Youll regret this tomorrow.
You should have learned by now
that I dont have regrets.
- One more round, Lily.
- Z, youve had enough.
- Im not flying with a drunken pilot.
- I cantt fly sober.
What is that?
- That is the constellation Leo.
- No, that!
- Its the ECON.
- After all these years?
Weve got to get to the Phoenix.
To hell with the Phoenix.
Shields are down.
Main power is holding.
We are in the mid 21st century.
I would estimate we have arrived
ten years after the Third World War.
That makes sense. Most of the
major cities have been destroyed.
- 600 million dead. No resistance.
- Captain.
Mr Worf, quantum torpedoes.
They were firing at the surface.
Western hemisphere.
North American Continent.
- A missile complex in Montana.
- A missile complex?.
Data, I need to know the exact date.
April 4th, 2063.
April 4th.
The day before First Contact.
The missile complex must be
where Cochrane is building his ship.
They came to stop First Contact.
- How much damage, Lieutenant?
- I cant tell.
Well have to go down there
and find out what happened.
Have a security team ready.
Computer, 21st century clothing.
Number One, you have the Bridge.
Over here.
Theyre all dead.
See if one of them is Cochrane.
Data, lets go check the warp ship.
The structural integrity of the missile
appears to be intact.
The fuselage is slightly damaged.
We have the blueprints.
We need a team down here.
- Hold your fire. Were here to help.
- Bullshit!
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