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{52872}{52920}Sweet Jesus!
{52997}{53088}Relax, they're just here|to give us a send off.
{53194}{53277}I am bringing|the external sensors on-line.
{53441}{53520}30 seconds to warp threshold.
{53751}{53863}- Approaching light speed.|- We're at critical velocity.
{53869}{53942}- Quantum torpedoes locked.|- Destroy them.
{54138}{54216}Watch your future's end.
{54635}{54744}- Data!|- Resistance is futile.
{56823}{56901}That should be enough.|Take us out of warp.
{57188}{57318}- Is that Earth?|- That's it.
{57324}{57403}- It's so small.|- It's about to get a whole lot bigger.
{59408}{59539}- Captain.|- Data, are you all right?
{59545}{59721}I would imagine|I look worse than I... feel.
{59943}{60042}Part of me is sorry she is dead.
{60109}{60177}She was unique.
{60183}{60304}She brought me closer to humanity|than I ever thought possible.
{60310}{60417}And for a time,|I was tempted by her offer.
{60471}{60570}How long a time?
{60576}{60670}0.68 seconds, sir.
{60676}{60799}For an android,|that is nearly an eternity.
{61102}{61200}Captain's log, April 5th, 2063.
{61206}{61309}The voyage of the Phoenix|was a success... again.
{61315}{61385}The warp flight was detected,
{61391}{61514}and the alien ship is on its way|to rendezvous with history.
{63226}{63323}My God!|They're really from another world.
{63329}{63455}And they're going to want to meet|the man who flew that warp ship.
{64645}{64707}Live long and prosper.
{65357}{65458}I think it's time|we made a discreet exit.
{65464}{65528}Stand by to beam us up.
{65713}{65792}You've got to go.
{65852}{65961}I envy you.|The world you're going to.
{66001}{66141}I envy you. Taking these first steps|into a new frontier.
{66198}{66282}I shall miss you, Lily.
{66609}{66693}Picard to Enterprise, energise.
{66881}{66999}The moon obscured our presence.|The Vulcans did not detect us.
{67005}{67124}I've reconfigured the chronometric|readings from the Borg sphere.
{67130}{67218}- All decks report ready.|- Helm standing by.
{67224}{67358}Lay in a course for the 24th century.|Our future is waiting for us.
{67364}{67494}- Course laid in, sir.|- Make it so.Locutus.
I am Locutus of Borg.
Resistance is futile.
Authorisation: Picard 47-AT.
- Did I catch you at a bad time?
- No, Admiral, of course not.
Ive just heard that our colony on
Ivor Prime has been destroyed.
- Long-range sensors...
- Yes, I know. The Borg.
Captains log: Stardate 50893.5.
The moment have dreaded for
nearly six years has finally arrived.
The Borg, our lethal enemy, have
begun an invasion of the Federation.
This time
there maybe no stopping them.
- How many ships?
- One, on a direct course for Earth.
Theyll be in Federation space soon.
Admiral Hayes is mobilising a fleet.
- It will take us three hours...
- Were not going.
- What do you mean?
- Were to patrol the Neutral Zone.
In case the Romulans decide
to take advantage of the situation.
There has been no unusual activity
along the Romulan border.
Does Starfleet feel
we need more shakedown time?
Were ready! The Enterprise E is
the most advanced ship in the fleet.
I have gone over all this
with Starfleet. Their orders stand.
Number One,
set a course for the Neutral Zone.
- Bizet?
- Berlioz. What do you have?
Weve finished
our first sweep of the Neutral Zone.
20 particles of dust per cubic metre.
52 ultraviolet radiation spikes
and a class-two comet.
This is certainly
worthy of our attention.
Captain, why are we out here?
Starfleet has every confidence
in the Enterprise and her crew.
Theyre just not sure
about her captain.
A man once captured
and assimilated by the Borg -
- should not be put in a situation
where he would face them again.
It would introduce an unstable element
to a critical situation.
Your experience makes you
the perfect man to lead this fight.
Bridge to Captain Picard.
Weve received word from the fleet,
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