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of fact, I think you're|the bravest man I've ever known.
{39390}{39471}Thank you, sir.
{39477}{39557}See you on Gravett Island.
{40381}{40449}Control to Phoenix,|final launch checks are complete.
{40455}{40544}- Good luck.|- Everybody ready to make history?
{40550}{40690}I think I forgot something.|It's probably nothing.
{40696}{40778}Begin ignition sequence.
{40868}{40996}God! Now I remember!|Where is it?
{41002}{41134}We can't lift off without it.|No, wait. I've found it.
{41159}{41237}Ten, nine, eight...
{41243}{41327}Let's rock 'n' roll!
{42039}{42119}Can you turn that down a little?
{42125}{42240}We've got a red light|on the second intake valve.
{42340}{42457}Ignore it. We'll be fine.
{42463}{42535}Shutdown and separation|on my mark.
{42541}{42651}Three, two, one... mark.
{43035}{43113}Let's bring the warp core on line.
{43223}{43323}- Wow!|- You ain't seen nothing yet.
{43373}{43474}If you see any of my crew,|give them this.
{43480}{43596}Orders to live a quite corner of America|and stay out of history's way.
{43602}{43717}- Good luck.|- To both of us.
{43806}{43891}You're not leaving, are you?
{43897}{44015}When I was captured, my crew|risked everything to save me.
{44021}{44179}There is someone still on this ship,|and I owe him the same.
{44301}{44380}Go and find your friend.
{46555}{46651}What's wrong, Locutus?|Isn't this familiar?
{46657}{46752}Organic minds|are such fragile things.
{46758}{46876}How could you forget me so quickly?|We were very close, you and l.
{46915}{46992}You can still hear our song.
{46998}{47122}Yes... I remember you.
{47128}{47221}You were there all the time.
{47227}{47368}But that ship and all the Borg on it|were destroyed.
{47374}{47465}You think in such|three-dimensional terms.
{47471}{47562}How small you've become.|Data understands me.
{47610}{47782}- Don't you, Data?|- What have you done to him?
{47788}{47901}Given him what he always wanted,|flesh and blood.
{47907}{48012}Let him go.|He's not the one you want.
{48018}{48177}- Are you offering yourself to us?|- Offering myself?
{48220}{48312}That's it! I remember now.
{48318}{48413}It wasn't enough|that you assimilated me.
{48419}{48556}I had to give myself freely|to the Borg... to you.
{48562}{48670}I've overseen the assimilation|of millions. You were no different.
{48676}{48776}You're lying. You wanted more|than just another Borg drone.
{48782}{48922}You wanted a human being, a bridge|between humanity and the Borg.
{48928}{49034}You wanted a counterpart,|but I resisted. I fought you.
{49040}{49127}You can't begin to imagine|the life you denied yourself.
{49247}{49319}It's not too late.
{49362}{49468}Locutus could still be with you,|just in the way you wanted.
{49474}{49538}An equal.
{49544}{49647}Let Data go, and|I will take my place at your side,
{49653}{49743}willingly, without resistance.
{49749}{49828}Such a noble creature.
{49834}{49922}A quality we sometimes lack.
{49928}{50035}We will add your distinctiveness|to our own.
{50041}{50126}Welcome home, Locutus.
{50261}{50350}Data, you are free to go.
{50356}{50431}- Data, go.|- No.
{50493}{50636}- I do not wish to go.|- I have already found an equal.
{50642}{50736}Data, deactivate|the self-destruct sequence.
{50777}{50850}Data, no! Don't do it!
{50875}{50947}Data, listen to me...
{50953}{51046}Auto-destruct deactivated.
{51115}{51237}Now enter the encryption codes|and give me computer control.
{51609}{51682}He will make an excellent drone.
{51873}{52020}Plasma injectors on-line. Everything|is looking good. I think we're ready.
{52026}{52162}We must break the warp barrier in the|next five minutes to get their attention.
{52168}{52273}- Main cells are charged and ready.|- Let's do it.
{52544}{52674}Warp field is looking good.|Structural integrity is holding.
{52680}{52799}Speed:|20,000 kilometres per second.
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