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"Soyuzmultfilm" Presents
Inspired by A. Milnes fairy tale
With original text and new translation
Boris Zakhoder, Fedor Khitruk
Directed by: Fedor Khitruk
Music: Moissei Vainberg
Art directors:
Vladimir Zuikov, Eduard Nazarov
Camera: N. Klimova
Sound: George Martynuk
Script editor: Raisa Frichinskaya
Assistants: V. Gilyarova, T. Dombrovskaya
Montage: N. Mayorova
Animators: Natalia Bogomolova,
S. Zhutovskaya, Violetta Kolesnikova,
Maria Motruk, Gennady Sokolsky,
O. Vorobyova, T. Kazantseva,
M. Kuprach, S. Mitrofanova
Winnie-the-Pooh: Yevgeny Leonov,
Piglet: Iya Savvina,
From the author: Vladimir Ossenev
Executive producer:
L. Butyrina
CHAPTER ONE, In Which We are Introduced
to Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Suspicious Bees
"Land of Winnie-Pooh"
Once upon a time, a very long time ago now,
about last Friday,
a bear cub lived in a land
under the name of Winnie-Pooh.
And why 'under the name'?
Because there was a sign over his door that said:
And he lived under it.
Once Winnie-Pooh went out to the forest,
to have a little snack.
He would never mind having a snack!
Besides, he was a poet and composed verses
and even ditties (little songs) in his leisure time...
They went like this:
Winnie: Pam-param-the back... of my head
Poom-pooh-room-taram... the shouties
If I scratch the back of my head, it's okay!
There is only sawdust in it, yeah, yeah, yey!
But although there's only sawdust,
All these shouties & those screamies...
And also the noisies,
pantloudies and sighpuffies...
I compose them rather nicely on some days! Yes!
Winnie-Pooh lives quite a good life in this land,
That is why he sings these ditties all aloud!
What hes doing doesnt matter,
If he doesnt grow much thinner,
And I know that he won't get there...
If he doesn't skip the dinner... Yes.
[There came a loud buzzing-noise]
It HAZZ to BEE for a reason!
A tree cannot buzz by itself,
So this means somebody is making a buzzing-noise,
And the only reason for making a buzzing noise
is because you're a bee,
I guess...
And the only reason for being a bee...
Is to make honey, ...
I think...
And the only reason for making honey is...
So as I can eat it!
I believe so!
It's a very funny thought that
If Bears were Bees,
They'd build their nests
At the bottom of trees.
Isn't it funny? Bang!
How a bear likes honey? Bang!
Buzz-buzz-buzz! Bang!
I wonder why he does?
So Winnie-Pooh went round
to his friend Piglet,
Who lived in a little house with a
And even Piglet himself didn't know
who "TRESPASSERS W" had been.
- Good morning, Winnie-Pooh!
- Good morning, Piglet.
I wonder if you've got such a thing
as a balloon about you?
- A balloon?
Yes. I just thought to myself coming along:
'I wonder if Piglet has such a thing
as a balloon about him?'
- What do you want a balloon for?
... honey...
- What?
- But you don't get honey with balloons!
- I do.
Well, it just happened that Piglet
had been to Rabbit's house a day before,
and got two perfect balloons there -
blue one and  green one
- Which one would you like?
It's like this.
When you go after honey with a balloon,
the great thing is not to let
the bees know you're coming.
- Aha.
- Now, if you have a green balloon,
they might think it is only a little leaf,
and not notice it.
- Aha.
- And if you have a blue balloon,
they might think it is only part of the sky,
and not notice it either.
- Wouldn't they notice YOU
underneath the balloon?
- They might or they might not.
Oh, I shall try to look like
a small black cloud.
That will

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