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Hey, sir!
You should go too.
You'll miss the last train.
All right, I will.
Tell me, what was wrong with him?
Did his wife flee?
- Whose wife?
- That man's.
You're drunk.
What was that?
Mariko, go have a look.
How can a man die so easily?
So suddenly?
Our father said:
"A cripple like me
is still alive,
while a man who still had a
lot to live is dead."
He cried on his bed last night.
Did you notice?
- But I can't believe it.
- Why?
He suddenly found a job.
He'd been looking for one
a very long time.
What do you think killed him?
The doctor said it was
a heart attack.
A heart attack.
Why not? He drank too much.
He asked for it.
Don't imagine things.
Do what you want. You're free.
You can do whatever you want.
Our father said you could
go your own way.
Go with Hiroshi. You love him.
He's waiting for you.
- So, it was a heart attack.
- Yes.
- Had he been ill?
- No, it was a sudden thing.
I understand.
I feel sorry for poor Setsuko.
She'll be alone.
All alone.
It happened to me too.
But I'm used to it now.
She'll need someone she can trust,
like you.
I understand.
I felt very lonely too.
- This is goodbye.
- Why?
I've been thinking lately.
I won't see you again.
I'm temperamental.
Perhaps I'm being true to myself
when I sway from side to side.
Setsuko? We were
here once.
Returning from the Horyu temple.
Yes, we took some pictures there.
I was wearing a purple kimono.
Yes. That was fifteen years ago.
We had high hopes then.
- Sit down, please.
- Thanks.
- We ate here, remember?
- Yes.
- Time flies.
- That's right.
But nothing has changed here.
- Hiroshi.
- Tell me.
I've been thinking a
lot these days...
About what?
I don't think Minura's death
was accidental.
I'm sure it was on purpose.
I think he planned it.
He knew I was about to leave him.
He's cast a dark shadow
over my heart.
The shadow is taking over me.
It's watching me from somewhere.
I can feel its glare.
I can't get rid
of the shadow.
I can't...
marry you with...
that shadow inside me.
- But, Setsuko...
- No, I can't.
Of course you can marry me.
Come with me.
I've loved you for so long.
I'd almost given up.
Now we have the chance.
No. Listen, Hiroshi.
The shadow that's invading me
would overcome you.
No, that's not true. Setsuko...
Say no more.
I've made up my mind.
Let me go my own way.
I can't marry you.
I'm selfish. Forgive me.
I don't think I'd be unhappy.
I could see you again.
I loved you.
That was good enough.
It made me happy.
Event though I might not see
you again, I'm happy.
Setsuko, I'll be waiting for you.
I'll wait for you until you're ready.
I don't deserve it.
I'll be waiting.
It'll be a long wait.
When will I be ready?
You'll always find me waiting.
And some day...
Thank you for being so good to
me for such a long time.
Sorry I'm late, Mariko.
Isn't Hiroshi with you?
What's wrong? Did you see him?
Was he glad?
What did he say?
What's wrong?
Listen, Mariko.
I've said goodbye for good.
I felt I couldn't marry him.
You might scold me, but I'm
going my own way.
It's what I want to do.
I'm being true to myself.
I'm contented.
But, sister...
I'm fine.
I've realized that what's important
is not lying to oneself.
So things are fine this way.
Don't you think?
I wouldn't say that.
You're that kind of woman.
We're different.
Let's go for a walk.
By the palace.
Look, Mariko.
Kyoto's mountains are purple.
I wonder why.
So they are.
Like plums.
How beautiful.
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