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you know?
I know. Hiroshi is not the kind to
take advantage. He's kind.
He felt sorry for me.
Are you defending him?
Why do you say that?
Why? Do you by chance believe
I'm having an affair with him?
Do you believe I've
betrayed you?
Do you think Tashiro
and I are lovers?
Well, you're wrong!
Totally wrong!
I'm faithful to you!
I'm not doing anything
against you!
You have to believe me!
I would never dishonor
your name.
I'm sorry. I'll close the bar.
Who asked you to do that?
We don't need the bar to live.
I can work as a seamstress.
You're proud of supporting me,
aren't you?
No. My father said that we
could also sell this house.
I'll refuse Mr. Tashiro's help.
Do whatever you want.
You have a visitor.
Who is it?
How are you?
- I went out on an errand.
- Come in.
Did I surprise you?
I'm not in love with you anymore.
It was just a performance
and you rejected me.
I didn't.
Yes. I discovered something.
Hiroshi, you're deeply in
love with my sister.
- How do you know that?
- Because you didn't say you loved me.
- You were just acting the part.
- Sure, but part of it was real.
Yes, I'm ashamed,
but it doesn't matter.
- My sister wants to see you.
- Me?
- She's got problems.
- Why?
- She's going to close the bar.
- Why?
Because her husband meddled
in her affairs.
- You have to help her, Hiroshi.
- What can I do?
Talk to her. The sooner, the better.
Go see her today.
- Where?
- Anywhere.
You tell me.
How about Hibiya Park, at three?
It's wonderful.
"He and she will meet
at Hibiya Park."
Be there.
"He'll say to her:
Setsuko, don't close the bar.
Keep it open.
I'm with you. Don't worry."
Say that, OK?
Sure? Promise me?
"They're together, one besides the other..."
Come on, Maejima, drink with me!
- I am drinking.
- Drink some more!
Come on, kamikaze!
Not drinking any more?
I'm sorry we have to
close the bar.
That's life.
But it's a good bar, Mariko.
Stop whining! Behave like a good
kamikaze pilot! Drink up!
You too, Mariko.
Wait! Everything's spinning.
- So what? Drink up.
- Easy does it.
You haven't read Hamlet,
have you kamikaze?
"To drink or not to drink,
that's the question."
Listen, ex-pilot.
Tell me.
You're outdated.
You love "mahjong".
I'll tell you something.
What is it?
To be modern means
not growing old despite
the years.
It's hard. Understand?
I understand.
No, you don't understand.
I don't either.
So, you don't understand
- Closing down tomorrow.
- Are you still moaning?
You should learn to be patient.
You scared me.
What are you doing
here, Mimura?
Just passing by.
Setsuko isn't here.
I know.
Give me a drink.
You can go home, Maejima.
Come back tomorrow.
- Bye. Good night.
- Goodbye.
We're closing down the bar tomorrow.
So I've heard.
Why can't Setsuko
keep the bar?
You wanted her to close it,
didn't you?
No, not me.
- You know how she's suffering.
- I don't.
You always make her suffer.
You're strange.
You're her husband.
You're too selfish.
Yes, selfish. I feel sorry for Setsuko.
But, Mariko...
But what?
Forget it.
No! You have to find a job so your wife
doesn't have to support you!
But I can't find a job.
Of course you can, it's just that
you're not looking!
Try it and you'll see
how you find one!
It's not so easy.
Why? Any job is good.
Then she'll be proud of
suffering for you.
That's marriage.
Then it's better for you to stop
being her husband.
You mean to grant
her a divorce?
- I understand. Divorce?
- Yes, divorce!
All you do is loaf around
and drink!
But loafing around and
drinking is good,
better perhaps than being a husband.
There are more interesting things.
It will all finish...
- Who is it?
- Me.
It's a beautiful day.
Our neighbor had a
baby last night.
It's a girl.
We'll buy her a gift.
What will we get her?
- Listen to me.
- Yes?
- What do

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