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been business, she
would have come here.
"He's in a spot, a very tight spot.
"He smokes, but tobacco isn't good."
You win, I give up.
"He finally decides to surrender,
the poor guy."
- Yes, I've lost.
- Then you're forgiven.
- But you must obey me.
- Yes.
One: don't go to Hakone.
Two: don't call her.
- Three:
- More?
You have to go out with Mariko.
She's very hungry.
Invite her to dinner.
All right?
All right.
"And he invites the girl to dinner."
Will you stay waiting
for your guest?
No, it doesn't matter.
I'll return to Kyoto tonight.
OK. Anything else?
- Nothing else.
Who is it?
- Yes! Can I lock the door?
- No, not yet.
Who's coming?
- Your husband?
- Yes.
- He's late.
- So are you.
What were you doing out on the
street at this time of night?
Today is my free day.
Not just today.
You've stopped working.
I've been with Hiroshi.
Staying at home isn't fun!
You're drunk.
Where have you been?
We saw a movie.
A movie so late?
I met the waiter.
He was with a friend and
I stayed with them.
You like to go out, don't you?
- Of course.
- Why?
Because staying at home
makes me sick.
I don't want to see Mimura.
I know how you feel,
but don't get nervous.
You make him nervous too.
- And what should I do?
- Try to be calm.
I'm trying. It's not my fault.
- But we live together.
- You don't say?
Then maybe he should try too.
He should try to
be nice to us.
- He's unemployed.
- He should look for a job!
He's waiting for a job
to come to him.
He goes out every day and
comes back drunk.
He has no right to
treat us this way.
He has no right to make
us both nervous.
Mariko, what's wrong?
I also have a lot of things
to tell you.
You can't put up with him forever.
He'll never understand how you feel.
You're wasting your life.
Mariko, you don't understand.
Life as a couple is not like that.
You can't be happy always.
Sometimes we have to learn
to be patient.
That's the way marriage is.
Then marriage is no good.
It's good. It'll be good.
That's what you think.
I don't like it.
That's life.
You're old-fashioned.
Old-fashioned. You're old-fashioned.
Mariko, I'm old-fashioned?
Tell me, what's modern?
Are you modern?
Don't you think you're old-fashioned?
I'm asking you.
You like to visit temples and gardens,
for example.
Is that outdated?
Is it wrong?
I think that "being new"
is "not getting old"
Things that are really new,
never get old.
Do you understand?
What does "new" mean to you?
Short skirts?
Stylish nail polish color?
You like it today because it's "new",
but tomorrow it'll be "old".
Like the waiter.
Some years ago he was
a kamikaze pilot.
Now he loves to dance and play.
Is he "modern"?
But that's the way life is.
Does it seem good to you?
Good or not, it's the
way we have to be
or we won't be fashionable.
Why worry?
I hate it.
You and I are totally different.
We were raised in different times.
I don't believe my way
of thinking is bad,
even if you don't agree.
I'll ask our father for his opinion.
Go ahead, you need it.
Who's right, Setsuko or I?
You've got your personality,
she's got hers.
It's not about who's right.
You do what you think is right.
Can I have my own personality?
Of course.
The war changed many things.
Things will improve, you'll see.
But being fashion-conscious
is boring.
Think deep and choose your road.
Value your life.
How is your sister and
her husband?
Do they get along well?
You know?
They don't get along well?
Why didn't Setsuko marry Hiroshi?
They don't get along well.
It's a pity.
Mimura has to find a job.
Look, Mariko, a warbler.
Did you hear it?
I like Kobe a lot.
When I'm rich, I'll live here.
The sukiyaki is good,
so is the sak...
- You drink sak?
- Of course.
- I love it.
- You could have some tonight.
I want to get drunk,
really drunk.
It's fun. The house spins and
the street lights move.
Have you felt

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