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with the tongue.
Will you stick it out?
Probably getting ready to do it.
She seems determined to restrain herself.
Well, it looks like she's growing up.
Setsuko, tea, please.
- Is this the Yakushi temple?
- Yes.
But we saw another one.
That was the new Yakushi.
I didn't know that.
Here, eat something.
I like it here.
I feel very much at peace.
I had already been here.
Fifteen years ago.
I came with Mr. Tashiro.
We had lunch right here.
I see.
What do you see?
Mr. Tashiro influenced you.
Really? Think so?
I don't like temples.
You were impressed by the
Buddha statue, though.
The one with the dark face?
That's because it looked like Mrs. Shinoda.
Statues are all the same.
Some of them have this pose, others that.
But they're all the same.
You don't know anything.
Shall we go to the Toshodai temple?
Why not? It's very near.
It'll just be a moment.
How boring!
Why are there so many
temples in Kyoto?
Are you staying? Come on.
Come on.
Welcome to my shop.
Was it easy to find?
Sure. I knew it was close
to the baseball field.
- Do you like baseball?
- A lot.
- Shall we go?
- Whenever you wish.
It's this way.
Come in.
It's beautiful!
And so nice...
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
There are a lot
of pretty things.
Where are they from?
France. I bought them at
an auction in England.
I went to the Yakushi temple.
You were also there, with my sister.
Yes. Do you like statues?
She's visiting other temples
with my father,
so I've come here.
- I'm glad you did.
Where is your wife?
Isn't she at home?
- I'm not married.
- Not married? Really?
- Is that true?
- Yes. Here.
And why aren't you?
- What?
- Married.
Because I don't have a wife.
- Do you have a woman?
- No.
- A girlfriend?
- None.
- Have you ever had one?
- No.
- May I?
- Do you smoke?
- Don't tell my sister.
- All right.
I know about your girlfriend.
My girlfriend?
I read my sister's diary.
You read her diary?
Don't scold me, I know
I shouldn't have.
- I know many things.
- Like what?
It was in 1937.
Setsuko was 21 and
you were at college.
That was long ago.
It was snowing.
Do you remember that night?
"The two of them left the Imperial Theatre.
Snow fell silently as they
walked along the pit."
"He was quiet." You.
"So was she." Setsuko.
"They were young.
They held hands."
- We didn't hold hands.
- Be quiet.
You didn't, but you
would have liked to.
"They would have liked to walk
holding hands eternally."
- Isn't that wonderful?
- Wonderful.
Then he asked:
"Aren't you cold?"
She answered: "No."
Wrapping herself up in her shawl she said:
"Aren't you cold, Hiroshi?"
It's a good story.
Did you live the experience?
"She..." I.
"She was inexperienced."
"He..." Again, you.
- Another story?
- Many more.
"It was a warm spring night."
Another day.
"The beach at Yui was calm."
- In Kamakura.
- Yes.
"They were next to each
other by the moonlight."
Come in.
- Hello.
- Good afternoon.
- Well, you have visitors.
- Yes. This is Miss Mariko Munakata.
She's that woman called Setsuko's
little sister, isn't she?
- So she is.
- Well.
I'm Yoriko Mashita.
How are you?
Won't you sit down?
I just passed by on
my way to work.
- What did you want?
- Nothing important.
Here, a ticket for the concert
on the thirteenth.
Well, thank you!
A Bach concert. They
say it's very good.
Meet me at the Alaska.
Don't be late, OK?
- Goodbye, good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Tell your boss to call me
after the guest has left.
- All right.
- Don't forget.
And what happened
later in Kamakura?
- Who's that woman?
- I met her in Paris.
Is she married?
She was, but she's a widow now.
And what does she do?
She's a stock broker, in Osaka.
"It was a romantic night in Paris"
No romantic nights.
We were just friends.
"He denied being intimate with her."
- I don't like that woman.
- Why not?
She's arrogant.

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