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Return with its beautiful wife.
Has heard Me, mister?
All the wives are stupid.
Are simple tools.
As the bell of a door.
As the washing machine.
Only tools.
You understand It?
I agree, mister.
You also! Is gone home!
- To you what imports you.
- Clear that it imports me!
To me not.
Be not stingy.
Eh, mister.
I am according to you.
Last year I lost
To my first wife.
I thought that would remain widower,
But I married its sister.
Then I discovered it.
Never I will be able to know what
It will do to my backs.
Night before last I went to lkebukuro.
It had some business that to attend.
Knows the house of "tempura"
That there is in the alley?
There is a mailbox in the corner.
Eh, mister!
Already goes, mister?
Eh, mister!
You also to should be gone.
It is going to lose the last train.
In agreement, I will do it.
Dime, what passed to that?
Its woman has fled?
- That of who?
- That of that man.
You are drunk.
What was that?
Mariko, sees to throw a look.
How a man can die so
Easily? So suddenly?
our father said:
"An invalid as I
still is living,
while a man that still
had a great deal that to live is dead person."
Last night cried in its bed.
You gave Yourself account?
- But I cannot believe it.
- Why?
Suddenly it found work.
It carried a lot time
Seeking it.
You what do you believe killed it?
The doctor said that was a heart attack.
A heart attack.
Why not? It drank too much.
I it was sought.
Do not imagine things.
You do what want. You are free.
You can do what yourself plazca.
Our father said that you were able
To continue your road.
You see you with Hiroshi. You love it.
It is expecting you.
- Go, so was a heart attack.
- Yes.
- Had been sick?
- Not, was somewhat sudden.
I understand.
Grief gives me the poor one Setsuko.
It is going to be alone.
Very alone.
To me also it passed me.
But I have accustomed myself.
It will need someone in whom to trust,
As you.
I understand it.
I also felt myself alone.
- This is the good-bye.
- Why?
Ultimately I have been thinking.
I will not return to see you more.
I am temperamental.
Perhaps be sincere with me same
when balance
To a side and to another.
You agree? We were
Here once.
Of return of the temple of Horyu.
Yes, we remove some photos there. You
You carried a purple kimono, not?
Yes. Fifteen years ago already.
We lived very we excite
By that then.
- You sit down, please.
- Thanks.
- We ate here, you recall?
- Yes.
- The time flies.
- Already I believe it.
But here has not changed anything.
- Hiroshi.
- Dime.
I have been thinking a great deal
these last days...
In what?
I do not believe that the death of Mimura
Were accidental.
I am sure that went
I believe that planned it.
It knew that it was going to leave.
It threw a dark shadow
On my heart.
The shadow is being empowered
Of me.
Is watching me since some place.
I can feel its look.
I cannot get rid of her,
Of the shadow.
I do not be able...
to marry me with you with...
With that shadow inside me.
- But, Setsuko...
- Not, do not I be able.
Clear that you can marry you with me.
They see with me.
I carry a great deal of time loving you.
Almost it had yielded me.
Now we have the opportunity.
Not. Listens, Hiroshi.
The shadow that invades me
It would finish with you.
Not, that is not certain. Setsuko...
To do not say anything more.
I have it determined.
You leave me to continue my road.
I cannot marry me with you.
I am egotist. You forgive me.
I do not believe that it were unhappy.
It would be able to see you again.
I loved you.
That already was quite good.
That it did me happy.
Even although do not be able
To return to see you, I am happy.
Setsuko, I will be expecting you.
I will expect you until
Be prepared. Always.
It do not I deserve.
I will be expecting you.


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