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know to loiter
And to drink!
But to loiter and to drink
is well,
Perhaps better than being husband.
There are more interesting things.
All it will finish...
"I drink in some occasion.
At times, without any occasion."
- Who is?
- I.
A day ago precious.
Ours neighboring had
A baby last night.
Is a girl.
We will do it a gift.
What will we give it?
- You attend me.
- Yes?
- You what do you think?
- On what?
On us.
You Want the divorce?
What do you mean?
You me do not you love.
What do you mean?
Divrciate of me.
That Why you say thus,
Suddenly? Is not suddenly.
It does a great deal that you desire it.
Yes, you.
I try to please you.
Only I am trying to please you.
Why? Why?
You ask it to you to yourself same.
Hatred to tell it.
What do you mean?
You know the reason.
Which is?
Which is the reason?
What do you mean?
Dmelo! Dmelo clearly!
Is simple!
You want the divorce.
You believe that I want the divorce?
That is what you have been
You have been thinking that of me?
Is very cruel by your part!
It considers how do I feel!
Never I have thought about it! Never!
Why have I suffered I so much?
The divorce would destroy me!
When have you begun to think
Of that way?
How Much time does
That you have begun?
It does a great deal!
It Does a great deal? It did not it know!
I trusted in you!
It knew why you were ruin with me!
It believed that some day you would understand it!
But, suddenly you say that!
Do not cry!
You do not I believe!
What do you think I have done?
Dmelo clearly!
We go, dmelo high and clear!
How do you be able to say that?
You hatred because of it! You hatred!
What passes?
It has hit You? Why?
Why has it hit you?
You it do not you deserve!
How dares!
Mariko, quiet! I am going to divorce me!
I am going to divorce me!
- You Are going to divorce you?
- Yes.
- Truly?
- Yes.
Well! You do well!
You Have to do it!
Divrciate of him, sister!
That man does not deserve!
Does not deserve!
You have been suffering during
A great deal of time.
Yes. I have lost time and effort.
Not, I that would not say.
Is able that other they do not realize,
But the suffering has benefited you.
The suffering has helped to that you
To become a great woman.
Truly it yourself believe?
I will tell itself it to Mimura by you.
Today will be better than return home.
- Yes, I will do it.
- You Are well?
Yes, I am well.
Returns tomorrow.
Returns with me.
You leave me.
Your father will approve him.
- Digmosle it ours.
- Yes, he will approve him.
Please, dselo. Dselo.
- Hello. How much time.
- Hello. You sit down.
With permission.
Yes, has passed a great deal of time.
Since when?
The last time we saw ourselves
In Manchuria, in a beach.
Went a great deal time ago.
The beach pleases me.
There was a Russian girl
Called Natasha.
Yes, it touched the bandonen.
Had some very large eyes.
Was beautiful.
I have to tell you something.
- I also want to speak with you.
- Is well, dime what you want.
At last I have found work.
Time ago that sought it.
It is to build a prey.
I am engineer.
Stupendous, truth?
Is in the river Kumano.
Is a great work for a man.
I cheer myself of orlo.
Now I am well.
A man should have work,
Or begins to imagine things.
I am well.
Today I feel well.
I want to offer because of it.
Well, we offer because of it.
- I will ask the beverages.
- Not.
I I will go to by them.
Will go I to by them.
I cheer myself that have
It found work.
They see here, Setsuko.
I will tell itself it. The sooner the better.
Here has.
- AND my guest?
- Has gone.
- Has gone?
- Yes, has just to leave.
Ponme another.
Already it has drunk too much.
Therefore I want more.
I find myself well.
There is not more beverage.
I find myself stupendously.
I not. Already is very late!
Its beautiful wife
Will be worried!
Is you impossible!
Mister. Mister!
- What?

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