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Hiroshi is not a man
Taken advantage of. Is kind.
Itself apiad of me.
You defend It?
Why do you tell it?
That Why you say? Perhaps you believe
That I have a romance with him?
Perhaps you believe that
I have betraied you?
Perhaps you believe that Tashiro and I
We are lovers?
Therefore you mistake yourself!
You mistake Yourself completely!
I am you faithful!
I am not doing anything
In your against!
You Have to believe me!
I never would dishonor
Your name.
I feel it. I will close the bar.
Who has asked you that do it?
We do not need to have the bar
To be able to live.
I would be able to work of seamstress.
You are proud to maintain me,
Not. My father said that also
We could sell this house.
I will reject the aid
Of the mister Tashiro.
You do what want.
Has a visit.
Who is?
How you are?
- I have left to do a recado.
- They see here.
I have surprised You?
No longer I am lover of you.
Was a small action
And you rejected me.
It did not I do.
Yes. I have discovered a thing.
What thing?
Hiroshi, you are deeply
In love of my sister.
- How do you know it?
- Because did not you say that me yourself.
- Because only you were acting.
- Good, in part was real.
Yes, I am ashamed,
But it does not matter.
- My sister wants to see you.
- TO me?
- Has problems.
- Why?
- It is going to close the bar.
- Why?
Because its husband was put
In his matters.
- You have helping it, Hiroshi.
- What can do I?
To speak with her. As soon as possible, better.
It sees seeing it today.
- Where?
- In any place.
I gave you.
How the Park Hibiya?
In the palco, at three o'clock.
Is marvelous.
"I and she they will be found
in the Park Hibiya."
Do not lack.
"I her will tell:
Setsuko, do not close the bar.
Continues with him.
I am with you. Do not worry."
I gave that, is worth?
Sure? You promise it me?
"Are together, one al side of the other..."
It come, Maejima, drinks with me!
- Already I am drinking.
- It drinks more!
Come, kamikaze!
No longer you drink more?
I feel that we have to close
The bar.
Thus is the life.
But is a good bar, Mariko.
To stops regretting you! You do as a
Good pilot kamikaze! It drinks a great deal!
You also, Mariko.
Wait! All is beginning
To give me returns.
- It is equal, drinks more.
- Quiet, man.
You there you are not read Hamlet,
Truth, kamikaze?
"To drink or not to drink,
that is the dilemma."
It hears, former pilot.
You are out of date.
It charms you the "mahjong".
I am going to say you a thing.
What is?
To be modern signifies
not to age although
The even time.
Is difficult. You understand it?
I understand it.
Not, do not you understand it.
I neither.
Go, so you neither
You understand it.
- Tomorrow it is going to close himself.
- Still regretting you?
You should learn to be patient.
You have frightened me.
What do you want, Mimura?
It passed around here.
Setsuko does not be.
I know it.
You give me a drink.
You can go you home, Maejima.
Returns tomorrow.
- Good-bye. Good evening.
- Good-bye.
Tomorrow we will close the bar.
That I have heard.
Why Setsuko does not be able
To have the bar?
You wanted that closed it,
Not, I not.
- You know how is suffering.
- It do not I know.
Always you cause suffer it.
You are a strange person.
You are its husband.
You are too much egotist.
Yes, egotistical. It gives suffers me Setsuko.
But, Mariko...
But what?
You forget it.
Not! You have to find work
So that you not your woman maintain!
But I do not find work.
Clear so what it happens is
That it do not you seek!
Intntalo and already you will see as
You find it!
Is not so easy.
Why? Is worth any work.
Then she will be proud
To suffer for you.
Thus is the marriage.
It will be better than leave
To be its husband.
You Mean that it give
The divorce?
- I understand. The divorce?
- S, the divorce!
You only

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