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You were waiting for that
She confessed her you.
"That was the demrito of him.
Was like my sister."
Why it did not you say
That you loved it?
- Dime, why it did not you do?
- Did not be sure.
- Sure of what?
- To be able doing it happy.
That that you say is lie.
I cannot believe it. You loved it.
Hiroshi, always you are expecting
The confession of a girl.
- That is not certain.
- Clear that yes. You are thus.
AND if Yoriko asks you that
Marry her?
You will marry her?
You will marry?
"I does not have value neither to propose
neither to reject a proposal."
"In the fund of its heart, still
continues lover of my sister."
Why does not marry with me?
Please, you marry you with me.
Please, hazlo.
I love you!
Dime, you will marry with me?
Please, you marry you with me!
You marry you with me!
I gave something!
- What passes you?
- You marry you with me!
Hatred to Yoriko! I cannot permit
That have!
Would be marvelous that married
With my sister!
You can love my sister!
But do not love Yoriko! The hatred!
You marry you with me!
You marry Mariko! Please!
Do not you know what are saying!
I know it! I want to marry me with you!
Not to say that! You would hate yourself
To you same!
- It it would not do! It it would not do!
- Not to say that!
You will leave me for ear
To say that! You consider it well!
You do not want to marry you with me!
What you say is a chiquillada,
You Believe that I am in jest?
That I am lying?
In agreement! In agreement!
I will cry!
Mariko! Mariko!
The lady already comes.
Welcome to my house.
When have you arrived at Kobe?
- Some days ago.
- I cheer myself to return to see you.
You sit down, please.
You are as pretty as always.
You have come with your sister?
- Not, I alone.
- Truly? Welcome Kobe.
I come to see Hiroshi.
- I have proposed it marriage.
- TO who?
- To Hiroshi.
- You?
My sister loved her time ago.
I want to marry him by her.
Go, what funny you are.
What will say your sister?
Will be happy.
Truly? Will be happy?
- You believe that not?
- It would please me to believe that yes.
But sure that will not be
So simple.
Then, you convince it of
That marry with me.
- It would be able to do it.
- Please, hazlo. You promise it to me.
I will do what be able.
Sure? You will do it?
Yes. I will try it.
What do you see in Hiroshi?
Why pleases you?
- Because is kind, genteel...
- Swims more?
Also because is clean and rich.
Well. Has many virtues.
Only there is a thing that
Me does not please of him.
Dime, what is?
Has a friendship that me does not please.
So bad is?
You know it very well.
Yes. Is a horrible person.
The hatred.
The hatred.
It takes.
- AND Mariko?
- Has left.
I have to go al bar.
You Want something?
You have sewn Me the button
Of the shirt?
How goes your bar?
- What?
- The problem of the money.
Already it is solved.
You have obtained financing?
They lent me the money.
- Who?
- The Mr. Tashiro.
- Was here?
- Yes, the other day.
- When?
- Twenty days ago.
Here you have.
How will you be returned it?
- In monthly payments.
- In monthly payments?
- Yes, that possibility has given me.
- You Will Be able to do it?
Yes, I will fix them myself.
Why me you had not said nothing?
I do not know...
Because was Tashiro?
Not, went not therefore.
Then why?
Why me you had not said it?
Why me you had not said nothing?
Because did not you want that knew it?
Is not therefore.
Why me you had not said it?
Why not?
I feel it.
Tashiro has come around here
- You have seen It change?
- Not, only once.
How could you ask money
It lent?
- But...
- But what?
Me do not lie.
Perhaps had any Tashiro reason
To lend you money?
There is not any reason.
Did not it consider what to do it.
Tashiro only wanted to help me to
To solve the problem, that is all.
And you what do you know.
I know it.


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