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- Afternoon arrives.
- You also.
What you did in the street to
These hours of the night?
Today was my free day.
Not only today.
You have left to work.
I have been with Hiroshi.
To be at home is not amused!
You are drunk.
Where have you been?
We have seen a movie.
A movie so late?
I found myself al waiter.
Was with a friend and
I was with them.
Pleases you to leave, truth?
- Of course.
- Why?
Because to be at home
Patient puts me.
I do not want to see Mimura.
I know how do you feel you,
But yourself do not put nervous.
Also you put it nervous to him.
- AND what do I do?
- Lntentar to be tranquil.
Already I try it. Is not my fault.
- But we live together.
- Oh, yes?
Then also he
Should try it.
Should try to be kind
With we.
- I is without work.
- Therefore that seek it!
Is waiting for that it come
The work to seek it him.
Leaves every day and always
Returns drunk.
Does not have the right to treat us thus.
Does not it have the right to put us
Nervous at two o'clock.
Mariko. Do not you agree?
I have also many
Things that to tell you.
It do not endure eternally.
I never will understand how do you feel you.
You are squandering your life.
Mariko, you it do not you understand.
The life in couple is not thus.
Himself cannot be happy continuously
At times we have to learn
To be patients.
The marriage is thus.
Then the marriage
Is not good.
Is good. Will be good.
That is what think you.
To me me does not please.
Thus is the life.
Is obsolete.
Obsolete. You are obsolete.
Mariko, I am obsolete?
Dime, what is the modern thing?
You are modern?
You do not believe that you are obsolete?
I ask it you to you.
It pleases you to visit temples and gardens,
For example.
That is obsolete?
Perhaps it is ill?
I believe that "to be new"
Is "not to age".
The things that are really
New, never age.
You Understand?
What signifies "new" for you?
The short skirts?
The nails painted of the color
Pleases you today because is "new",
But tomorrow will be "old".
As the waiter.
Some years ago was
A pilot kamikaze.
Now it charms it to dance and to play.
Is "modern"?
But the life is thus.
TO you seems good?
Good or not,
we have to be thus
Or we will not be fashionable.
Why to be worried?
It hatred.
You and I are totally different.
We raise ourselves in different epochs.
I do not believe that my form
to think be evil,
Although you do not agree.
I will ask our father
Its opinion.
Ahead, you need it.
Who is right, Setsuko or I?
You have your form to be
And she has the hers.
Does not it be a matter of deciding
Do who is right.
You do what he believe
That is well.
I can have my form to be?
Of course.
The war has changed
Many things.
Already will see how will you improve.
But be alert of the fashion
Is bored.
It thinks well and chooses your road.
Values your life.
How are your sister
And its husband?
They are carried well?
You know It?
Itself they are Not carried well?
Why himself did not marry Setsuko
With Hiroshi?
Itself they are not carried well.
Is a grief.
Mimura should find work.
Looks, Mariko, a curruca.
You have heard?
Pleases me A GREAT DEAL of Kobe.
When be rich, I will live here.
The sukiyaki is well,
the sake is well...
- You drink sake?
- Of course.
- It charms me.
- You would be able to drink it this night.
I want to get drunk,
To get drunk a great deal.
Is amused. The house gives returns
And the farolas move.
You have felt yourself thus?
Not, not yet.
Therefore seems me to genial.
Pleases me the tiovivo.
Supn that a boy and a girl
Are lovers.
What passes if himself do not confess
Its love?
They will be separated.
Then you should have it to him
You were referring me?
Still it lament.
If my sister had her you
You would have yourself married with her?
It do not I know. Went a great deal time ago.
Do not you may have forgot.

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