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Mieko not this night will come.
- You will also go home?
Not, not yet.
In agreement.
- Here is the key.
- Very well.
- Good evening.
- Thanks.
- To tomorrow.
- To tomorrow.
Good evening.
It knew that you would come this night.
I read the letter that you sent it
To Mariko.
I arrived at Tokyo this tomorrow.
How you are?
Well, thanks.
I could not see you when
You were in Kyoto.
I felt it a great deal.
Yesterday I was chatting
With your father.
You are very kind with him.
Should be very happy.
You sit down.
- Has passed a great deal of time.
- A lot.
- You have not changed anything.
- Truly?
Six or seven years.
The last time that we saw ourselves
Went in Yokohama.
When I returned from France.
You have not changed anything, Setsuko.
Truly? Are you who
Has not changed.
You continue having that custom.
Always you told it me.
- I see that you continue carrying that ring.
- Yes.
You said that was too much youth
For the ring.
Now already I am old woman.
My mother died to my age.
It forgives,
I will prepare you something to drink.
- Does Not be Mariko?
- Has left to work here.
- The beer pleases You?
- Yes.
Already you have accustomed yourself to drink?
Before you were used to getting drunk
With a great deal of facility.
I cheer myself if there is seen
This night.
And do not worry,
I will finance you.
Not, it is too much to ask.
Do not worry, I can help you.
You give him remembrances to Mimura.
Hello, welcome.
I cheer myself to see you.
When have you come?
Half an hour ago.
You have gone al bar?
- Yes, and did not you be there.
- Is that I was al ballet.
- How Much time you will remain?
- It do not I know, a few days.
- Would please me to leave to entertain me.
- Therefore then, we leave.
I am ruined. You invite me?
- Clear, of course.
- Vale, genial!
- Welcome, mister.
- Hello.
It received a telephone call
Little after being gone.
- Whose?
- Of Hakone.
- Of Hakone?
- Yes.
Was a lady called Mashita.
It said that would return to call.
Who is the Mrs. Mashita?
Yoriko, truth?
AND why is Yoriko in Hakone?
- I know it all.
- What do you know?
Your encounter with Yoriko
In Hakone.
- I am not going to go.
- Truly?
- Truly.
- You tell It in serious?
I tell it in serious.
I know it all.
You should have an appointment with her.
- "I is distrusted."
- You mistake yourself.
- "But she her does not believe."
- You Want?
"I tries bribing it."
"She almost accepts the bribe,
but a cigarette is not sufficient."
AND later what?
"It is difficult to say."
You are impossible.
"I does not know how to hide the fact."
I am not hiding anything.
- Truly?
- Truly.
You tell It in serious?
- S, the lame thing I!
- Mariko...
Is Yoriko.
Yes, the Mr. Tashiro returned,
But has returned to leave.
How does it say?
Yes, has said that went to
Karuizawa with a client.
We go, Mariko!
Yes, that is.
Has not left no message.
Yes. I will tell that it has returned to call.
Resolved matter.
Mariko, would be able to be try
A matter of business.
If were a matter of business,
Would have come to here.
"I is in an urgency,
Is in a great urgency.
Smokes, but the tobacco is not good."
You earn, I yield me.
"At last it decides to be yielded,
the poor boy."
- Yes, I have lost.
- Then I will forgive you.
- But you should obey me.
- Yes.
One: Do not go to Hakone.
Two: It do not call.
- Three:
- More?
You have to come out with Mariko.
Has a great deal of hunger.
You inviting it to have dinner. In agreement?
In agreement.
"And it invites the girl to have dinner"
It Is going to continue expecting
To its guest?
Not, it does not matter.
I will return to Kyoto this night.
- In agreement. Something more?
- Swims more.
Who is?
- S! I can close the door?
- Not, not yet.
Who is going to come?
- Your husband?


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