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to should do it to me?
Seems me to that it will not sit down
Well. Too many drapeados.
- Therefore I believe that yes.
- You should keep in mind your size.
You are wide of hips.
They have given you complain me of you.
Who? Your husband?
The cat was seated on top
of my sweater,
So it MYSELF caught and I threw it of there.
Your husband had thrown me
Before the bag.
Had it over its table.
To should have asked
If had enjoyed the trip.
- Good evening.
- Hello, good evening.
I feel to arrive afternoon.
- You give Me a little water?
- Yes.
What has said the landlord?
- Wants that we go.
- Truly?
That has said.
The Mr. Mimura was here.
My brother-in-law? Was here?
What wanted?
It do not I know, did not say anything. Remained there
Standing a while and later went himself.
What hour was?
I was about closing the bar.
Was raining.
- Was very pale.
- How a ghost?
To me me does not it frighten.
Who is?
You have finished with the newspaper?
Not yet.
It takes.
- Is urgent?
- What?
It of the bar. You are going to have
That to close it?
We have asked it al homemade
That expect a little more.
Already you have said itself it your husband?
AND what has said?
It would be terrible that it to lose.
You give me that handkerchief.
It said you that did
What wanted, not?
- You Leave?
- Yes.
- Where do you go?
- To does none split.
- It takes.
- It do not I want.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
This tomorrow the milk gave it al cat.
And I wanted to do me
A chocolate one.
Do not protest, that you always
You forget yourself to take the milk.
- When do you believe that began?
- Why do you refer?
- Has changed.
- Changed?
- Now is stingy.
- Is understandable.
Is amargado
Because does not have work.
It do not I believe. I do not believe that be
That at all.
What, if not?
You Recall that night that
Arrived drunk home?
Was a day of the month of May.
Began to be thus that day.
Sister, tumarido read your newspaper.
That is the motive.
I am sure.
The previous day I had risen
To its room.
It said me: "Mariko,
what do you do here?",
and hid hasty
The book that was reading.
Was a yellow book.
You know how is my newspaper?
Yes, and I am sure of
That was your newspaper.
It you will not have read, truth?
Why have you read my newspaper?
Is a sin!
It wanted to know what you did
To my age.
Me does not it import,
Only is an old newspaper.
Besides, I did not do anything bad,
Why it was going to worry me?
But what will think your husband
Of Hiroshi?
- AND what would be able to think?
- You walked with him by the snow.
You loved it, truth?
Why did not you marry him?
It did not it know.
When myself gave account
that loved it,
already was compromised
With Mimura.
You could have canceled
The commitment.
Perhaps, but in that moment
Hiroshi was in France.
- What?
- All the women are equals.
- Of that swims!
- Therefore clear that yes.
Although they seem proud,
all they are expecting
To that they kiss them.
- I am not expecting anything.
- Clear that yes.
You do it all. To that yes?
Another it patrols.
- Come.
- Voy!
- How was you?
- The other day I had bad luck.
What seems it that sake?
It is a marks new.
Is good, truth?
- I prefer the other.
- Go...
- Take.
- Thanks.
- The cats please It?
- Yes.
I the hatred.
Are egotists and ungrateful.
The dogs are loyal.
Those yes please me.
The cats please me for being thus.
Is you very strange.
- You also please me.
- Do not that say!
I am thanked.
- You Are thanked?
- Therefore yes!
Is well, I will kiss.
What is saying? Is lunatic?
Has a beautiful woman.
I will be counted it.
- Also there is a small youth.
- Yes.
- Is its sister?
- Yes.
- Are very beautiful.
- Is too much good for you.
Too Much good?
Clear that yes.
Too much good, eh?
"I drink in some occasion. At times,
Without any occasion. " Mr. Quijote.
You can go you home.


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