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some woman?
- Not.
- AND a girlfriend?
- I do not have none.
- Never had it?
- Not.
- I Am able?
- You smoke?
At times.
- Herself do not tell her my sister.
- In agreement.
I know it about its girlfriend.
My girlfriend?
I read the newspaper of my sister.
Read its newspaper?
Do not quarrel, I know that I should not do it.
- I know many things.
- As what?
Went in 1937.
Setsuko was 21 years old and
You were university student.
Went a great deal time ago.
Was snowing.
Recalls that night?
"The two you left of the Theater lmperial.
The snow fell silent while
they walked for the ditch."
"The was quiet." You.
"She also." Setsuko.
"Were youths.
They were caught of the hand."
- Ourselves did not we catch of the hand.
- Be silenced.
It did not they do, but there would be them
It pleased to do it.
"Them would have pleased to walk
they caught of the hand eternally."
- Is Not marvelous?
- Marvelous.
Then he asked:
"Do Not you be cold, Setsuko?"
She responded: "Not."
Being sheltered well with the shawl said:
"You do not be cold, Hiroshi?"
Has been a good story.
The experience has lived?
"She..." I.
"She did not have experience."
"EI..." again you.
- Another history?
- Many more.
"Was a hot night
of spring."
Another day.
"The beach of Yui was tranquil."
- In Kamakura.
- Yes.
"They were one al side of the other
to the light of the moon."
- Hello.
- Good afternoon.
- Go, you have visit.
- Yes. Is the Miss Mariko Munakata.
The small sister of that woman
Called Setsuko, not?
- Thus is.
- Go.
I am Yoriko Mashita.
How you are?
Do Not you want to sit down?
Only it passed around here
Of road home.
- What you wanted?
- Important nothing.
It takes, an entrance for
The concert of on the thirteen.
Go, thanks!
Is of Bach. They say that is
Very good.
You meet you with me in the Alaska.
Do not arrive afternoon, in agreement?
- Good-bye, good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Dile to your leader that call me later
That go the guest.
- In agreement.
- Yourself do not forget.
AND later what passed
In Kamakura?
- Who is that woman?
- I knew it in Paris.
Is married?
Was it, but enviud.
AND why it is dedicated?
Is runner of market, in Osaka.
"Was a romantic night in Paris."
Did not there were romantic nights.
Only we are friends.
"I denied that suggested with her."
- That woman me does not please.
- Why not?
Is arrogant.
It is not.
The hatred. Smells of secret.
- Father, you are tired?
- Not, I find myself stupendously.
The Temple of the Moss pleases me.
Besides, today the moss was
More beautiful than never.
Also there was a tree
Of camelias.
You have also seen it?
Imagined it.
In the Japan old there is
True beauty.
But some people says that
The traditional things are evils.
Are some ignorant.
You are Not drinking too much,
- Only a little more.
- I believe that to you should leave it already.
Why will delay so much Mariko?
It is not going to come?
I said it that came here.
To her it does not please the Japan old.
Seems that your sister
It causes you many worries.
- Tranquil; carries himself enough well.
- Cheers me orlo.
The worse thing of all is that your husband
Does not have work.
You are passing it badly.
- Still continues loitering?
- Not, it is seeking work.
- Dime, how goes your bar?
- Thus, thus. Enduring.
- You can maintain it?
- Yes.
Then, is well.
You can sell the house of Tokyo.
But, father, when you return
to Tokyo...
It does not matter.
I will remain here, in Kyoto.
I will not return to see Tokyo never more.
I know that am dying.
Today I have visited the Temple of the Moss
By last time.
Please me the camelias.
"I drink in some occasion. At times,
Without any occasion. Mr. Quijote."
- Here have.
- Thanks.
- When have you returned, Mariko?
- Some days ago.
- Has pleased You Kyoto?
- Not.
I prefer Kobe.
What does this seem?
You Believe that

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