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Today I have spoken of him in my class,
Of the stubborn thing that is.
Perhaps therefore is still alive.
Is dying?
- Does not be well.
- Does Not be well?
Is serious.
The truth tell me.
Tell me exactly how is.
Setsuko, do not leave that this
Depress you, in agreement?
A year of life remains it, with luck.
I believe that six months.
There are exceptions, of course.
My father knows that it is going to die?
Not, I believe that not.
I have neither said itself it
To your sister.
Is a good man.
And is a great my friend.
Has been a good father
For you.
I do not know no man
As him.
Father, the well is very deep.
The water is very cold.
You raise Yourself early
By the mornings?
Yes, very early.
I doubt it.
Today myself I have not raised early.
Myself did not I inform when itself went
Did not it want to carry you, because
You are a marimacho.
Should have awoke
And to to have carried with her.
Hello, good afternoon.
- Hello! How?
- Well.
Be sat down.
- Is the Miss Mariko?
- Yes, is it.
Mariko, you agree
Of the Mr. Tashiro?
Now already is a woman.
We knew ourselves in Manchuria.
That went a great deal time ago.
I was in the first cycle
Of secondary.
Before being gone to France?
Yes. I was that same autumn.
- When has arrived?
- Last night.
- Alone?
- Not, with my sister.
I go at times to Tokyo.
If it to see, it would not recognize.
A lady seems,
But it acts like a boy.
Always it removes the tongue. Look at.
- Where do you go?
- To by a little tea.
It is put comfortable.
The book that lent me
Is very interesting.
I cheer myself.
Already there was it read once
In Manchuria.
They said that was interesting, but
Then to me me did not seem it.
- Nevertheless, now yes.
- I cheer myself.
- You have brought hot water?
- Yes.
A day ago precious.
You ask him that carry yourself to some part.
Why does not come to Kobe?
- You live in Kobe?
- Yes.
- Why it is dedicated?
- I manufacture equipment for the house.
- Equipment?
- Chairs and tables.
It can speak him in English if wants.
To pleases it her.
Again the tongue.
It do Not you be going to remove?
Already it touches you to do it.
It seems determined to be contained.
Go, seems that it is growing.
Setsuko, tea, please.
It takes.
- This is the temple Yakushi?
- Yes.
But we saw another.
That was the new one Yakushi.
It did not it know.
It takes, eats something.
Pleases me to be here.
I feel a great peace.
I already had been here.
Went fifteen years ago.
I came with the Mr. Tashiro.
We ate right here.
Already I understand.
What do you understand?
The Mr. Tashiro influenced you.
Truly? That you believe?
To me me not the temples please.
Nevertheless, it impressed you
The statue of Buda.
The one that had the dark face?
Because seemed to the Mrs. Shinoda.
The statues are all equals.
Some have this pose, other this.
But are all equals.
You do not know anything.
We Go al temple Toshodai?
Why not? Is very nearby.
Only will be a moment.
What boredom!
Why will have Kyoto
So many temples?
You are going to remain Yourself there? We go.
Come, we go.
Welcome to my store.
It has found It easily?
Clear that yes. It knew that was
Near the field of baseball.
- The baseball pleases It?
- A great deal.
- We Go?
- When want.
Is around here.
What beautiful!
And is so pleasant...
- Pleases It?
- Yes.
Already I believe it, has many things
From where are?
French. I bought them in
An auction in England.
I was al temple Yakushi.
You also were there,
With my sister.
Yes. The statues please it?
She is visiting other temples
with my father,
So I I have come here.
- I cheer myself.
Where is its wife?
Does Not be at home?
- I do not be married.
- Does Not be married? Truly?
- Is certain?
- Yes. Take.
AND why it does not be?
- What?
- Married.
Because I do not have wife.
- Has


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