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ve we got for dinner?
Well, at least they're polite.
I'm sorry. I didn't know
you were standing there.
Honey, this is Lloyd Gallagher.
This is my wife Barbara.
It's very nice to have you
with us, Lloyd.
It's nice to be here, Barbara.
I don't mean to disturb you.
That's OK.
Come on in.
This is our daughter Juliet.
Want to say good night
to Mr. Gallagher?
Good night, baby.
Well, um... Tommy tells me
you're from Seattle.
I'm sorry?
You're from Seattle?
Where you're going back to
when you're done here.
I'll go home when I'm finished.
Is that where
you're from originally?
Where did you grow up?
What's that, north?
I have some relatives up north.
What town?
Ras Alhague.
And that's in the United States?
Well, I never heard of that one.
Your little girl.
She's very...
Yeah, I think so.
You love her.
Yes, we love her.
She's our daughter.
Don't FBI agents
love their kids?
Tommy, I don't think he...
What about you?
You married?
- I was.
- Kids?
- One.
- Divorced?
My wife is dead.
She and my little girl...
were killed by the man
who killed my partner.
I'm very sorry.
Take it all off!
I love you, darling!
I love you!
That's my wife
you're talking about!
Freddie, can I have
a bourbon and soda?
You got it.
Hey, buddy, you OK?
I said are you OK?
You look kind of pasty.
I'm fine.
This is six Adam forty-two
requesting assistance.
We have located missing Ferrari.
I'm on my way.
Let's go, Lloyd.
We got to get going.
They found the Ferrari.
Brought you some Alka-Seltzer.
It's Alka-Seltzer.
You put it in water
and drink it.
Lloyd, as a friend...
stay away from alcohol.
Give me a break.
Hey, pal, the show's over, OK?
Can you take it outside, please?
Hey, Robbie!
All right, man, come on.
Let's go!
Hey, officer!
We didn't do nothing!
We're clean.
Hey, baby.
How you doing?
Hey, where you going?
I thought the show was inside.
Stay away from that Ferrari,
That's a police suspect vehicle.
Yo, baby!
Hey, honey, you know,
what's your hurry?
The night's still young, and...
Your name is Brenda, right?
I seen you before.
Say, uh...
Do you like cars?
'Cause I got a great car,
and it's, uh...
parked right over there
in that lot.
What do you say?
Yeah, baby.
Come on.
What have we got here?
Been a long time
since we've seen one of these.
What the hell's this?
Looks like he's bled to death.
What, from this?
You find a weapon?
No weapon, I.D., nothing.
This is getting stale, Tom.
Check on the coroner.
I'll get you an E.T.A.
Here's some aspirin, sir.
Beck thought
you might need them.
What are you doing?
Yo, Beck. Caught beautiful here
trying to leave.
She's the one
that found the body.
Let me have a minute.
It's been a hell of a night.
Are you OK?
Can you tell me what you saw?
I saw Brenda walk out
on my way in.
This guy was on the floor.
I screamed, and the cops came.
You ever seen this guy before?
You sure
you never seen this guy?
I know Brenda.
She'd never have anything
to do with that creep.
- Beck.
- What?
We need to find her.
You trying to tell me
that she's part of this?
Hey, Tom, you ain't going
to believe this.
We have another stiff.
In the parking lot.
I don't believe this.
Thank you for your help.
What's he doing
with his pants down?
What the hell
you think he's doing?
Busy night, huh, Beck?
Getting a little crowded
in my van, you know?
Joey, let me know
when this guy gets posted.
Yeah, right.
- Cliff, get these out.
- Gotcha.
Come here.
In a span of twelve hours,
I've got five bodies...
not counting Miller...
who dies because he
runs out of blood.
A stripper
screws some guy to death...
steals his car, and takes off.
All this in twelve hours.
I ask you, am I crazy...
or does this seem
just a little bizarre?
Yeah, it's a little bizarre.
I knew that.
I just wanted to know
if you knew
Спрятанный Спрятанный

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