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one of mine.
What are you doing?
Code red. Code red.
Sir, there may be an assassin.
We'll take you
out the back entrance.
Detective Willis...
I've got orders
to disarm and detain you.
Get out of here now!
All right. In here!
Move it! Move!
Back against the wall now.
Oh, shit.
They're in the kitchen.
Jim, stay with Beck.
Charlie, go with me.
Three-L-ten, requesting
medical attention.
I got two downed officers here.
Freeze! Drop it!
Both of you in the closet, now!
Who are you?
Who are you, God damn it?
What do you want?
Let's get the senator
out of here.
All right.
Everybody move.
Get him out of here.
Watch that guy.
Uniform, seal this off.
Hey, you can't go through here.
Did we get him?
Was any motive established
for why Detective Willis...
would want to assassinate
Senator Holt?
Lieutenant Flynn?
The depart...
the department is conducting
an investigation...
but at this time
we have no motive.
Yes, sir.
Senator, do you still intend
to run for president?
The senator will discuss
his campaign plans...
after he has had
adequate time...
to fully reflect
on the situation.
I want to be president.
What's that, Senator?
I want to be president.
Gallagher. FBI.
What's in the bag?
Security equipment.
Open it up.
All right. Go!
Hold it! Freeze!
Mommy, is Daddy
going to be all right?
You know, your daddy
loves you very much.
Mom, take her
out of here, please.
Get a gurney.
Get an orderly. Stat!

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