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I'm talking to you, wank.
I said I'm...
I'm going to kill you.
Beck, we should get started.
On what?
I got a news flash for you...
DeVries is dead.
Who's this,
public enemy number two?
His name is Jonathan P. Miller.
I need to find him.
Get away. Do not put that...
Beck, it wasn't funny
the first time.
This better be good.
Quite the desperado.
Still handing out
the death penalty...
for unpaid traffic tickets?
I don't do traffic tickets.
You got a body at a record shop
on Melrose and Stanley.
What is it, a full moon?
How's it going, Sarge?
Hey, Frankie, how's it going?
You check the back room?
Yeah. It's clear.
What have we got here?
Hey, Beck, there's a witness.
Apparently she came in
right after it happened.
She got a good look at the guy.
Where is she?
Right here.
Yeah. He was carrying a radio.
What are you doing here?
I'm checking on a couple
of traffic tickets.
Come here.
Sanchez, call the coroner.
See if he can come
sometime today.
That way over there.
How tall would you say he was?
What does this
have to do with you?
You're out of line.
The guy you want is dead.
Your job is done.
I suggest you take
the next flight to Seattle.
How we doing here?
Hey, Sarge.
What do you think?
Is this him?
It's him.
Brem, print this
and circulate it.
Put out a felony warrant
on Jonathan P. Miller...
armed and dangerous.
Shall we get started?
You have that picture of Miller?
Use this instead.
How did you know about Miller?
He worked with DeVries.
Pulling illegal U-turns?
He didn't have a record
till two weeks ago.
Long before that.
Not according to our files.
No. According to our files.
If you want my help,
tell me what's going on.
A criminal's come to your city.
You've been assigned
to help me find him.
If it's that simple...
why's the Bureau
sending you down here?
You don't have
anything on Miller...
because he's always
changing his identity.
You didn't have anything
on DeVries...
until you caught up
with him as DeVries.
Before that,
he was Arvin J. Lusk.
Before that, William Butler.
Miller does the same thing.
This is the closest I've been.
He's got to be stopped
before he moves again.
We'll take my car.
Let's go.
Bureau must be paying
pretty good these days.
Pretty good.
Mind me asking how much
one of these costs?
How much?
I don't know.
You don't know.
What did you do, steal it?
Hey, can you turn that down?
Order up on number three.
One coffee, right?
Senator Holt is drawing a crowd
wherever he goes.
The senator, who was expected
to announce his candidacy...
for president
in Los Angeles tomorrow...
is in town to dedicate a new
branch of Child Help U.S.A.
The work of this organization...
in bettering the lives
of young people here...
stands as an example...
that government
can and should serve...
the needs of the small
as well as the giant.
Senator, is it true...
you'll be announcing
your campaign plans Tuesday?
You'll have to wait
till next Tuesday.
Bye, guys. Thank you.
And now Capitol Hill.
An old ship
is making new waves...
It's your table, honey.
Don't look at me.
How far is St. Joseph's
from here?
About a mile.
Which direction?
We'll start up here
and work back.
You're calling the shots now?
I know how the suspect operates.
There's little time.
How do you know Miller
was at the hospital?
A hunch.
What, was he visiting DeVries?
Just tell me. Let's cut out
the Twenty Questions.
We're on the same side.
Miller came from the hospital.
He was there to see DeVries.
That's illuminating.
That solves everything.
Miller doesn't have a chance.
Why would he kill a guy...
for a lousy hundred dollars
and a radio?
'Cause he likes it.
He sees something he wants,
he steals it.
Something gets in his way,
he kills it.
And right now,
he's hiding out in your city.
You're talking about Miller.
Sounds more like DeVries.
Could you be a little confused?
So, you

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