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the works.
Contact him. Check inventory
for anything missing.
They were finishing a deal
for a red Mondial.
It's not here.
He took it.
How do you know?
He likes Ferraris.
Put out a want and felony
warrant on the Ferrari.
Come on.
Four dead bodies in four hours.
I want Miller now!
Get in.
We could go over there.
Fuck off!
Know what bothers me
about DeVries and Miller?
Neither has a criminal record.
Both led normal lives,
and now they're killing people.
You read minds,
or was that a shot in the dark?
I read minds.
Oh, yeah?
What was I just thinking?
That I'm full of shit.
Not really.
Pretty simple to read.
I don't read minds.
Are you doing your job,
or is this something personal?
I guess you could say
it's personal.
He killed my partner.
Which one?
Which one killed your partner?
I'm surprised the Bureau
let you stay on the case.
I hear they're not big
on revenge.
What would you do?
As a cop?
As a man.
I lost a partner once.
We'll get Miller.
Buckley owns Anchor lmports...
which owns the Mercedes.
Let's see if Mr. Buckley
has a record.
Looks like this guy's
an arms dealer.
Carrying a concealed weapon...
of narcotics for sale...
firearms possession...
Another law-abiding citizen,
What the hell is that?
You believe it?
Patrol grabbed it
from some homeboy on the street.
What happened to the days
of zip guns?
Get two units
to his home and office now.
Sure, hold on.
Beck, I think it's your wife.
Hi. No, I'm sorry.
About fifteen minutes.
Hold on. What are you
doing for dinner?
Sorry. I got plans.
You know, ladies.
Not you, Sanchez.
No plans.
I'm bringing somebody
for dinner.
You coming?
I suppose you live in a castle.
One bedroom, one bath.
Want a beer or something?
Whatever you're having.
"She climbed up
on his long tail...
"and walked up his back.
"When she was comfortable,
they walked on.
"They reached the end
of the forest...
"and the fairy princess
began to laugh with joy.
"There was the shiny castle
on the mountaintop..."
And here's Daddy.
Hi, Mommy.
Hi, baby.
How was your day?
Hi, Daddy.
How's my girl?
Did you feed your turtle?
Wait till you see
the painting she did.
She's got it
on the refrigerator already.
Who've we got for dinner?
Well, at least they're polite.
I'm sorry. I didn't know
you were standing there.
Honey, this is Lloyd Gallagher.
This is my wife Barbara.
It's very nice to have you
with us, Lloyd.
It's nice to be here, Barbara.
I don't mean to disturb you.
That's OK.
Come on in.
This is our daughter Juliet.
Want to say good night
to Mr. Gallagher?
Good night, baby.
Well, um... Tommy tells me
you're from Seattle.
I'm sorry?
You're from Seattle?
Where you're going back to
when you're done here.
I'll go home when I'm finished.
Is that where
you're from originally?
Where did you grow up?
What's that, north?
I have some relatives up north.
What town?
Ras Alhague.
And that's in the United States?
Well, I never heard of that one.
Your little girl.
She's very...
Yeah, I think so.
You love her.
Yes, we love her.
She's our daughter.
Don't FBI agents
love their kids?
Tommy, I don't think he...
What about you?
You married?
- I was.
- Kids?
- One.
- Divorced?
My wife is dead.
She and my little girl...
were killed by the man
who killed my partner.
I'm very sorry.
Take it all off!
I love you, darling!
I love you!
That's my wife
you're talking about!
Freddie, can I have
a bourbon and soda?
You got it.
Hey, buddy, you OK?
I said are you OK?
You look kind of pasty.
I'm fine.
This is six Adam forty-two
requesting assistance.
We have located missing Ferrari.
I'm on my way.
Let's go, Lloyd.
We got to get going.
They found the Ferrari.
Brought you some Alka-Seltzer.
It's Alka-Seltzer.
You put it in


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