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for a long time.
Now it's here,
on Earth, in your city.
Oh, boy.
Are we talking spacemen here?
The way it works is
it finds a body...
gets inside,
uses it to move around.
It stays in that body
until the body is so damaged...
it has to find another body.
That's the only time
I can kill it...
when it's between bodies.
I missed my chance when it came
out of the stripper.
It found another body
and changed before I got there.
So now we don't know
who the spaceman is.
But I don't have to look
for it anymore.
It knows I'm here.
It'll come after me.
Beck, I need my weapon.
That's the only thing
that can kill it.
So the spaceman is the one...
that killed your partner,
your wife...
the one that you've been
tracking for the past...
Nine years.
Nine years.
Your time.
Our time.
I guess
a career in the police...
didn't really prepare you
for this, did it?
Yes, it did.
We'll try again later.
It's OK.
Good morning, Lieutenant.
What's eating him?
I thought you said
he wasn't coming in today.
Hey, John, what do you say?
I thought you weren't
coming in today.
I have work to do.
I'm sorry.
This is Lieutenant Masterson.
Carol Miller,
Senator Holt's assistant.
Agents Stadt and Lowe.
They're handling security
for the senator's speech today.
The one everyone applauds.
We'd like to think so.
Where's the speech?
Park Plaza.
You know that.
Yeah, five.
Five guys in the lobby,
I think, Carol.
Take it easy, all right?
Sure. I'll be fine.
How are you doing, Sarge?
Hey, Frankie, how you doing?
That was a bomb!
Where did that come from?
We've got an explosion
in ballistics.
Just sit down here.
There's smoke
through the corridor.
Get a fire unit over here.
Get a fire extinguisher in here.
Was it a bomb?
Get him out of here!
What happened?
What the hell is going on?
Hey, what's going on here?
Lieutenant, what's going on?
Where is the other one?
What other one?
The one you were with.
I locked him up.
You know that.
I want to talk to him.
What is this?
I already shot you once.
I can hardly wait
to do it again.
Now, let's go.
Stay back.
Lieutenant, what's going on?
Get back!
Take cover!
Tom, you OK?
Stay back, Cliff,
it's not Masterson.
Seal this corridor off!
Get him out of here!
Now, Beck!
We just dumped the lieutenant.
Get an ambulance.
Sanchez, stay away from him.
Give me your gun.
Give me your fucking gun!
It's in my waistband, man!
Get a shotgun
and seal off the stairwell.
Open the gate!
Gate into C-eight!
What the hell's going on here?
Just open...
Masterson has flipped out...
and he's shooting up
the station, all right?
Check your piece, Beck.
Give me the keys, Joe.
Buzz the gate, Joe.
Buzz the fucking gate!
And watch out for Masterson!
Hey, I need a phone call.
I just saw Masterson
dump two cops.
He took six hits
at point-blank range...
and he's not going down.
Is Masterson...
Is he dead?
The real Masterson.
You're going to need this.
Hey, what's going on?
Jesus Christ.
Let me in.
I can't do that, Lieutenant.
Hey, put that down.
Don't do that.
Get down.
You're hit. Here.
I know.
Before I kill you, I'm curious.
How did you find me?
You left an angry partner
for dead on Altair.
A mistake.
That's what it said.
Die, you fucker!
Son of a bitch!
Why don't you use
that goddamn thing?
Not yet.
You said it's the only thing
that kills him.
It's not that simple.
how do you like being human?
It's all right.
Better than being Altairian.
Altairians are a filthy people.
We could take over this place
if we wanted.
They have nothing here
to stop us.
Yo, hippy,
what kind of dude are you?
OK, what's going on, man?
He's going to change soon.
I'm going to be there.
Who the hell are you?
Do you feel pain?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Why didn't you use that thing?
You said it's the only thing
that would kill him.
Wrong composition.

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