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Смертельная охота

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die for, Millen?
Johnson didn't do anything I
wouldn't do if I was in his boots.
And if I thought the killing
would stop here...
...I'd let him go.
My old man warned me
never to trust you.
I'm going in after him.
Back me.
Nail anything that moves...
...except me.
We got him.
He didn't move like Johnson.
Better check it out, but be careful.
Go on!
His face is blown off!
What did you see up there?
Nothin'. Just my eyes
playing tricks on me.
Maybe I am too old, eh?
Well, what about Johnson?
As far as I'm concerned...
that's Albert Johnson,
Now you're in charge.
It's up to you
when the killing stops.
He's dead, alright.
Get away from him.
There he is.
Jesus, will you look at that.
Teeth! Gold Fillings!
Johnson's got a whole
bag of gold fillings here.
He's the goddamn Mad Trapper!
Who shot him?
Who shot Albert Johnson?
Edgar Millen killed
Albert Johnson.
Where is he?
Kneel down there.
That's it. That's it. Yeah!
Смертельная охота

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