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Смертельная охота

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squad in the war.
These pictures were
taken for security.
Yes, I read, Captain.
He ain't no rookie.
I don't have to remind you,
this is confidential information.
Who the hell we going to tell it to?
Volunteers will be arriving
in a couple of days.
Then send them back.
Excuse me, Sergeant?
You heard me.
I said send them back.
We don't need anymore
misfits up here.
They'll be up here anyway.
There's a $1000 bounty on Johnson.
Now, that's more like it.
Good God, Captain. How could you
let a thing like that happen?
We can use that manpower.
To assist me in cutting him off
before he gets in to that river chain.
You really don't know
what's going on, do you?
He's not headed
into the river chain.
He's going to zigzag his way up
the Sunshine Pass to Alaska.
That's impossible.
No one's going to make it through
Sunshine Pass this time of year.
Well, this one's going to try.
If he gets over that range, he's free.
And neither you nor your plane
can do anything about that.
- Will you just listen?
- No. You listen.
We've been hunting a man who
knows how to live off the land
and use the terrain.
He doesn't have to
feed a large posse.
In my plane, Aklavik is
a mere 20 minutes away.
We've been pushing his tail
so he can't stop to gather food,
or build a fire to warm himself,
or fire a shot to give his position away.
Captain... have you ever
flown the bush in winter?
My credentials are impeccable, Sergeant.
They sent for me because
I am the best!
Now, your superiors know what this is:
one big goddamn embarrasment!
You've had your chance, and your ground
maneuvers have been an abysmal failure.
This is page 1 news,
and it looks just awful!
I see. It'll look good for the Air Corps if
one of your fly boys does what
the men on the ground couldn't, eh?
Face the fact, Sergeant.
This is a new era.
The future has arrived.
Well, if you're part of the future...
I don't want to see it.
...if I get to Johnson first...
...I'll give you half the reward.
You get to him first - you give
me half the reward.
That ain't fair. I want half.
Hold your fire, boys.
It's only me, Bill Loose.
I thought you was
the mad trapper for sure.
You shouldn't be sneakin' up
on guys like that, Bill.
- Sit down. Make yourself warm.
- Thank you.
How about a drop for the preacher?
...you want to help us hunt Johnson?
You're one of the best trackers around.
No, thanks.
I prefer to work alone, you know?
You need us, Bill. We're the only ones
left who knows what this guy looks like.
Sure... except Millen,
Hazel, Sundog, and...
...and me.
There's a lot of gold in
them teeth, Clarence.
Gold at $35 an ounce.
What's eating at you, Edgar?
My territory.
Not any more, Edgar.
Things change.
I've seen it happen before.
If anybody's gonna bring
Albert Johnson in, it's gonna be me.
Not some bounty hunter or
fly boy buckin' for promotion.
Why you? Why are you so special?
He deserves me. Not them.
That's Johnson ahead of us.
He's runnin' with the caribou,
trying to throw us off.
His strides are gettin' shorter.
Means he's gettin' tired.
There he is!
I see him!
Alright - we got him!
- I could have had him!
- You're in a hell of a hurry to kill!
He's on the ridge!
He's trapped! We got him!
(engine stalls)
George Washington Lincoln Brown.
You black bastard.
I'll miss you.
- We've got to bury him.
- Don't ever grab me.
If we don't bury him,
the dogs will eat him.
Kill the dogs,
I got a man to hunt.
You got to make up your mind
if you're a priest or a mountie.
Hold it!
I'll shoot any man that
tries to follow us!
Now get back!
Get back!
You've seen what's happened up here!
He'll do the same to you!
Now, stay out of it!
Come on.
You still think you can bring
Albert Johnson in alive?
The pure fact is, he's
runnin' to save his hide.
And every man he killed,
he killed to protect himself.
Well, what about
Hawkins and Sundog?
What did any of them
Смертельная охота Смертельная охота

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