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Смертельная охота

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But not in the fire.
If you get popped and you drop that,
you know what happens.
Look at these hands.
Sure have a great pitcher's hands.
My mama, bless her soul...
...always said my hands
were the best part of me.
And your father said the best part
of you ran down your mama's leg.
Hope you can fuck
better than you can play.
I cooked up some fish for you fellas.
What are you laughin' at?
I wasn't laughing.
I was just musing to myself.
Musing? Big, dumb shit.
I'll slice your tongue out.
Try it, asshole. Try it!
I might!
Maybe Mr Johnson aught to know
about them pretty little teeth you got.
Maybe I'll go tell him.
No. Deak, please don't.
You asshole.
Well, I'll be damned.
Hell of a way for a man to die -
being blown up.
Yeah - be a good man
to have on your side.
Too bad we got to
kill the son of a bitch.
Johnson would have given himself up
if he hadn't been guilty of something.
Guess I was wrong about him.
Most would have run
if they had the chance.
A piece of ground can be
mighty important to a man.
Jesus, kid.
Alright, let's go.
Follow him.
What's our job in this, Edgar?
Surround the cabin and
stay out of my way.
Let's go!
Come on, baby.
Blew him to Kingdom Come!
The light.
Yeah, right here.
Blew that son of a bitch sky high!
We'll get his scalp this time!
Slow it down, boys.
Come on, slow it down!
Easy, now. Easy.
What the hell you talking about?
Son of a bitch!
Son of a bitch!
He's gone.
He'll be heading North, up to
the snow in the Kruger Pass.
We'll need your dogs, Hazel.
And enough supplies to
stay out a couple of weeks.
Let's go!
Bring Ned and the bodies
back to town.
Can't be no normal man.
No, he's a killer.
Just a man.
Okay, let's go.
Maybe it was his ghost or something.
Huh, Deak?
Big dummy.
Come on, all you guys.
Move over. Get in the picture.
Move over there. Get over.
Would it make any
difference if I wait?
If I left now I'd never know
what it would have
been like with you.
I guess it's up to me, isn't it?
It's been a long time, now.
You're going to have to
kick me out of here, aren't you?
Yeah, right.
Ain't it about time to rest?!
No, it ain't. We got to
push until we drop.
Damn it!
Get away from my dog!
Well then, keep him
the hell away from me.
Cut that out, damn it!
Let's go!
He ain't too far away.
Come on. Atta boy.
Hold the dogs.
These tracks are strange.
The imprints are deeper in back.
What's that mean?
He's got his snowshoes
on backwards.
He's laying 2 sets of tracks for us.
The man is squirrely.
- He knows what he's doin'.
- Damn right.
He ain't runnin' yet. Let's go.
What do you mean, "He ain't runnin'"?
You see anything, Edgar?
Alright, grab my snowshoes.
That's a girl's name, isn't it?
The way I hear it told, Hazel's
mama didn't know if he was
a boy or girl 'till
he was about 15.
She didn't much care a few years
later when he turned vicious.
Yeah. Everyone up here is vicious.
Like my dog.
Ain't that right, Edgar?
Oh, that's right.
And you here.
You're real civilized.
We don't get many pretty
young white boys like you up here.
Only one thing you're good for.
Leave me alone, Hazel.
Son of a bitch!
Stop it!
Well, well, well.
Look who just got uncivilized.
With my plane in the air and my
abilities as a flier, Albert Johnson...
This way. Hold it.
...doesn't stand a chance.
I'm posting a $500 reward
for his capture!
My newspaper will match
that offer dollar for dollar!
That's $1,000 on the
head of Albert Johnson!
Let's go get him!
I hope that bastard
stays alive forever, eh?
Let's go!
It'll be bringing in supplies for us!
Where's Sergeant Millen?
You're looking at him.
I'm Captain Hank Tucker, RCAF.
I've come to bring
the fugitive to justice!
Where's headquarters?
Wherever I'm standin'.
As you can see, he was one of
the Americans' best trained men.
Special Intelligence
Смертельная охота Смертельная охота

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