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Смертельная охота

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a rifle butt
in your face without killing him?
He shot first, Edgar!
Honest to Christ!
Hold this, will you?
We'll get that son of a bitch.
Let's go.
Don't kill me, Albert.
I expect that's you.
Hello, Bill.
Well... what brings you back?
Too damn crowded.
Gettin' that way all over.
Now, listen to me Albert,
'cause you ain't got much time.
Things are not the same
as when you left here.
They put up a town about 7 years ago.
Just a few hours from here...
...in good weather.
There's a Mountie outpost
there, and radios
and newspapers come in
from Toronto almost regular.
It's different, Albert.
There's a mountie there named
Edgar Millen, and he's coming after you.
I guess he'll bring a whole
bunch of others with him.
But he's the last man in the world
that anybody'd want on his trail.
They're gonna kill you.
Am I gettin' through to you, Albert?
- I understand what you're sayin'.
- Good.
Then you'll also understand when
I tell you to get the hell out of here.
Head south.
I appreciate you coming
over here to tell me that, Bill.
But you ain't runnin', that it?
Got no place to go.
Your father never had
anything against running.
I don't guess anybody ever really
wanted to catch up to him, anyway.
He's gone, isn't he?
He died in a prison hospital.
Where you headed?
Well, I guess I'll head up
into the high country.
Do some trappin'.
- Good hunting.
- Same to you, Albert.
Come on, boy.
See you around, Albert!
Tie those horses up.
Keep that fire goin'.
Yeah... he knows we're here.
Come on. Come on.
You stick with me, kid...
...and stay low.
Switch with me, Ned.
I want a shot at the front.
It's a deal.
This is Edgar Millen of the Royal
Canadian Polce talking to you!
I don't want any trouble
and I don't want to see
nobody else get hurt!
I'm coming in to talk to you!
Now, hear me out!
Edgar, what are you doing?
If he wanted a fire fight
he would have started.
He ain't crazy.
Naw, he ain't crazy.
You're the one who's crazy.
You don't look like a madman.
You look like a mountie.
Johnson, we've got a
bad situation out here.
The dead body over there...
...probably has your bullet in him.
I have a pretty fair idea
what happened out here.
Then leave me be.
I just can't do that.
I have to take you in
and clear this up.
That's the law. I can't change it.
To you, I'm just a name on
a form you have to fill out.
I have a bunch of savages out here
just aching to splatter you
all over the place.
They don't want your side at all..
Now, if you don't come in with me,
that's all the excuse they'll need.
They'll either kill you...
...or get themselves killed tryin'.
I can't let that happen.
You can't stop it.
No, I can't.
Not without your help.
You come in wth me
and clear this up...
...I'll have you back
out here in 3 days.
I'll guarantee your safety
into town and back.
But if you don't come in...
Hold it!
Don't shoot!
Hold it!
You son of a bitch!
You okay?
I can't leave without bringin' you in!
I hope you sons of bitches
can finish what you started.
We gonna wait him out?
We'd run out of food
or freeze before he does.
He's got too much mud on
the cabin to burn him out.
He's cut firing slits
about a foot above the floor.
He'll be on his belly.
Shoot low.
Pass the word.
Shoot low.
Millen says shoot low - aim at the slits
above the ground. Pass the word.
Lewis. Shoot low.
He's on the cabin floor.
Pass it on.
Charlie, shoot low.
Pass it on.
Low. Shoot low.
Fire low, Deak. Fire low.
I'm gonna get his scalp!
- Go get him Charlie!
- Get 'em Charlie!
Break it in!
Holy shit! Let's get out of here!
I'll bury the guy!
Ahhh! I'm blind!
- Get down, Lewis!
- I'm blind!
Get down!
Jesus, I can't see!
Holy shit! Lay down!
- Big fucking pig!
- Stupid bastard!
You haven't fired a shot!
Ow! Owww!
Step on the other spring!
Come on. Let's go.
We got to thaw out the dynamite,
Смертельная охота Смертельная охота

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