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Смертельная охота

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them killing each other.
But you can't let people get away
with that - making their own laws.
The only thing you have to
remember is Millen's law:
You want to stay a mountie, then all you
got to do is keep headquarters happy.
And the only time they're unhappy is when
there's a killing that's not accounted for.
So you account for all killings, and you
live to be an old mountie, just like me.
You got that?
Yes, sir.
Hey, kid...
I ain't a "sir", a "mister", or a "grandpa".
Now, you got that?
This is not going to feel very friendly.
It'll do you a lot of good.
I even use it myself sometimes.
You had the strength to come this far.
I think you're gonna make it.
Hell of a life bein' a mountie,
ain't it, kid?
Yeah, great.
Alvin... you want a piece
of this buffalo woman?
Might help you sleep.
I don't need any help.
Buffalo woman's taken a liking to Alvin.
Probably gettin' tired of old men like us.
Wants some younger blood.
You speak for yourself.
I've still got plenty of fire left in me.
I was speaking for myself.
If you want this piece,
you'll have to come get it.
Come on.
Come on, now.
The least you can do to show your
appreciation for a free meal...
...is to come get it.
Here you are.
Good boy. Come on.
Good boy.
Hot damn! Boy, you sure can shoot!
Not bad.
Pulled your shot, eh?
Got him in the kidney.
If that had been a grizzler,
you'd have been jacked.
Well, it wasn't a damn grizzler,
and I'm not dead.
Millen, don't you ever have anything
good to say about anything?
Well, what do you want, kid,
a shout, a holler and a cigar
for doing something
halfway right for once?
No, I guess not. Your cigars
taste like shit
and you'd probably crack your
face if you laughed out loud.
Clean your kill.
You know, if he didn't like you,
he wouldn't say nothing.
No, he's just in a hurry to
get back to his rotgut.
He wasn't always that way.
Come on, let's skin this
before it freezes, eh?
No normal man lives in
a little biddy hole like that.
What the fuck we gonna do now?
This is the dumbest thing I've ever done.
Oh, yeah? What about Leon?
I'm gonna get my dog.
I thought I asked you not
to bring that up again.
Bring what up?
- Uh, what's his name.
- Leon?
That's dumb.
Yeah. Shut up, Deak.
You're dumb.
If we don't get where it's warm, we're
gonna be nothin' but statues out here.
Couldn't fit no more
than 2 in that hole.
Ain't no way in hell he's
gonna let Tom and I in there.
Well, I sure as hell
ain't goin' up there.
Dumb! Leon!
Yeah? You're dumb!
You're so dumb
I could sell you dirt!
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.
I am sorry, okay?
I shouldn't have said that.
Dumb asshole.
Before you two kill each other,
there's something I want you to do.
This is the dumbest
thing I've ever done.
Hazel's dog ain't chained.
We don't want no trouble, mister!
We're real hungry and cold!
You let us warm ourselves
... any spare food...
...we pay you twice the
cost for the trouble!
I'd feel better if you'd
lay those rifles down.
Sorry, mister, but...
...the dog wasn't chained, so...
Don't have any room in the cabin, but
if you want to get warm, you can
build yourselves a fire right around there.
Yes, sir. Thank You.
We do appreciate it.
Make you some food.
Get down.
- There you are.
- Thanks, mister.
Get down! No! Get down!
Get down! Get down!
Help me, somebody!
Kill that goddamn dog!
Kill that goddamn dog!
- Let's get out of here..
- Son of a bitch!
Shot his scalp off!
That son of a bitch
has killed somebody!
Come on, let's go!
We had been married 9 years,
when my late husband left me
to come here and make his fortune.
After a short time, what little
money we had was gone, but
I managed alright on my own.
Now, all that's left to
remember him by is...
...this broken watch...
...and a trapper's license.
And I thank you for
holding these things for me.
But I want you all to know...
Смертельная охота Смертельная охота

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