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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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Smells like carrots.
- Hello, Desmond.
- Hello, yourself, Box Man.
- Do you mind?
- Oh, I insist.
So you managed
to fix the computer then, did you?
The world's still here, ain't it?
I'm not so sure about that, brother.
Refresh my memory, Desmond.
How long did you say
that you were down there in the hatch?
Three years.
Desmond, what if I told you
that... for all that,
all those years
that you and all the men before you
were down there pushing that button...
What if I told you
it was all for nothing?
I'd ask you how the hell
did you know something like that.
I found another hatch.
Another station on the island.
They called it The Pearl.
And I saw a film there.
An orientation film, and it said
that everything that was happening
in our hatch... wasn't real.
That it was a test.
A psychological experiment.
You're lying.
You want to take a walk?
I'll make the popcorn.
If you're so sure it's not real,
then just stop pushing the button.
Well, I have, except, unfortunately,
someone else decided to start.
So you're gonna sober up.
And we're gonna get
a good night's sleep, and tomorrow,
we're gonna find out what happens
if that button doesn't get pushed.
- Dharma NutraBar?
- No, thanks. I'm not hungry.
You serious?
[Jack] Hey.
You all right?
Yeah, just getting some more firewood.
Not feeling too hot.
You shouldn't be out here alone.
I'll... I'll give you a hand.
Hey, thanks for coming out here,
risking your neck for my boy.
- Live together, die alone, man.
- Yeah.
[in Korean]
[speaks in Korean]
[Sayid] I don't know what
is more disquieting,
the fact that the rest
of the statue is missing,
or that it has four toes.
[appliances buzzing]
[computers whirring]
[mechanical groaning]
[woman over PA] Eight. Seven. Six.
Five. Four.
- [bell rings]
- [metal grinding]
[mechanical screeching]
- John!
- Neat trick.
John! Can you hear me? Open up!
I hope you're sure about this.
I'm more sure about this
than anything in my entire life.
Don't do this! John!
All right then, Box Man.
We wait.
Are you him?
What did one snowman say to the other?
What are you talking about?
Who are you?
I'm lnman.
Kelvin lnman.
What happened to my boat?
I found you washed up on the beach.
There was no boat.
[electronic beeping]
[keyboard clacking]
What was all that about, then?
Just saving the world.
[garbled speech]
[Wickmund] Not long after
the experiments began, however,
there was... an incident.
And since that time, the following
protocol has been observed.
Every 1 08 minutes,
the button must be pushed.
From the moment the alarm sounds,
you will have four minutes to enter the
code into the micro-computer processor.
How many times you
gonna watch that thing?
Why are there missing parts?
Radzinsky made some edits.
Who's Radzinsky?
- He was my partner.
- What happened to him?
Just make sure you put that back
behind Turn of the Screw
when you're done with it.
Why do you wear that suit?
So I don't get infected out there.
Give yourself a shot of this
every nine days.
You were out there a while
before I found you.
I hope it's not too late.
- [Eko pounding] John! Open this door!
- Who is he, Box Man?
The man out there pounding on the door.
His name is Mr. Eko.
Why does Mr. Eko carry around
a stick covered in scripture?
- Because he's a priest.
- [Eko] Open the door, please.
Don't do this.
[pounding] John! Can you hear me?
Open up!
- We locked out a priest?
- John!
Charlie, do you know how
they got the hatch door open?
No, but if you hum it,
I could probably play it.
How did they open it?
The door that says "quarantine."
- They blew it up. Why?
- Charlie, I need your help.
Oh, now I'm back
in your good graces, Father?
Charlie, John
has locked me out of the hatch,
and I believe he is doing this because
he is going to stop pushing that button.
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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