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Главная / Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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Thank you.
- Welcome.
I should really feed him.
Yeah. Hey, Claire, do you think
maybe you and I could...?
Oh, my God.
Michael's back.
[speaks Korean]
[woman] Look, there's Michael!
[Jin speaks Korean]
- OK?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's good to see you, too.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah. I'm... I'm fine.
[Kate strains]
Ana Lucia and Libby.
- [speaks Korean]
- What happened to them?
They were murdered.
[fire crackles]
[Michael grunts and pants]
Hey, there, Michael.
Not gonna hold that against you.
Fair's fair. I took your boy.
- But don't do that again, OK?
- Where is he, you son of a bitch?
Hey, looky what I found.
She was following her friends.
They're about half a click behind us.
You make one sound...
you'll never see your boy again.
Gag him. Get ready with the torches.
I'm gonna go talk to her people.
- I think we'd better head back.
- What?
- Find the trail, John.
- I've lost it.
You don't just lose a trail.
You just don't want to find him.
That's right. I've been running through
the jungle toward the sound of gunfire
because I don't care about Michael.
You know what happens
if we turn around and go back?
We're never gonna see him again.
And that's gonna be on us.
On you and on me.
[bearded Other]
You're exactly right, Jack.
- Who are you?
- He's the son of a bitch
- that shot me on the raft.
- Why don't you point the gun down?
It's OK. He's just delivering a message.
He has to scare your friends to do it.
- I don't believe you.
- You don't believe what?
I think there's more of us
than there are of you.
That's an interesting theory.
[shouts] Light them up!
Give me your weapons,
turn around, go home.
I hoped it wouldn't come to this.
Bring her out, Alex.
- Go on.
- You.
- Come on, Alex.
- Please?
Let's go. Up. Up.
- Is Claire OK?
- [murmurs]
Did she have the baby? Is it OK?
Is it a boy or a girl?
Like I said, curiosity.
You and me ain't done, Zeke.
His friends are going home.
Divvy 'em up.
Hey. Hey.
What do you say, Doc?
And here I was thinking
the lrish drink when somebody dies.
- I'm not lrish.
- Neither am l.
So what happened
out there in the jungle?
Exactly what he said.
He found the camp...
I ain't talking about Mike.
You and Freckles.
Before you found him.
You were gone all night.
We got caught in a net.
What's the hell's
that supposed to mean?
It means we got caught in a net.
That what they're calling it these days?
Is it true? Henry is gone?
- Yeah.
- Who's going after him?
- Locke and Eko went in the night.
- We ain't seen either of 'em since.
Those are the guns?
What are you doing with them?
What do you think we're doing?
It's time to finish this.
- When do we leave?
- In the morning.
You're not coming, Sayid.
- Excuse me?
- Michael wants to keep it small.
Me, Kate, Hurley and him.
Well even though Pippi Longstocking
and the damned Grape Ape
are ideal candidates
for The Dirty Dozen,
we might wanna bring the Red Beret.
It's Michael's call.
He knows where we're going.
It is not his call, Jack. It's ours.
Welcome aboard.
[intermittent beeping]
So... you wake up
in the middle of the night,
grab your Jesus stick,
and race off into the jungle.
You don't call, you don't write...
I'm sorry. I had work to do.
Right. Yeah.
Charlie, would you do me a favor?
I was hoping you could
bring my things from the beach here.
What for?
You moving in here?
Fancy yourself a little bachelor pad?
Yes, I am moving in here.
Well... what about the church?
You said we were supposed to be
building it together.
I am supposed to do
something different now.
And what am I supposed to do?
Bring me my things.
- Bring your own things.
- Charlie, please.
You'd better leg it, mate.
Clock's ticking.
Got some good news for you.
Captain Arab's in, too.
Cavalry rides at sunrise.
- You told Sayid?
- Yeah, I told Sayid.
- You shouldn't have
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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