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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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[Hurley] Hey, guys.
You seen Libby around?
[man] Eko.
- Yemi.
- Shh.
You'll wake John.
Come. Follow me.
- Wake up, John.
- [screams]
[thud, John grunts]
Are you all right, John?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
You had a dream?
Was there a man? A priest?
The man that you saw was my brother.
Your brother?
This is why we needed to come together.
This is how we are going to be led,
how we will know where to go.
- I don't know where to go.
- Did he tell you anything?
- No. He...
- Nothing? Anything?
It wasn't even me. It was you.
It didn't...
He... he wanted me to follow him.
Follow him where?
Wait here.
Eko, it was just a dream. It's not safe.
Father, I'm afraid it's not
a very good time. Come back later.
Mrs. Malkin,
I must speak to your daughter.
- Yesterday you said...
- I know what I said.
It's just right this minute
it's not a very good time.
All right. Get back in the house, Joyce.
Get her inside.
- Richard, please...
- lnside. Now.
I know why you're here, friend,
but save yourself the trouble.
What happened here was not a miracle.
The doctor that treated your daughter
feels differently.
Treated her?
You mean tried to cut her open.
He's just trying to cover up
his own negligence.
He tell you the whole story,
how she supposedly drowned?
She fell into a mountain river.
Her body shut down.
She went into hypothermia,
which made her appear dead.
Then why is your wife
so convinced otherwise?
'Cause she's a zealot.
All of this, everything she's doing,
it's to spite me.
- Why would she spite you?
- Because she knows I'm a fraud.
Because I make my living as a psychic.
You see, that's what I do. I gather
intelligence on people and I exploit it.
Every day I meet people
looking for a miracle,
desperate to find one.
But there are none to be had.
Not in this world, anyway.
I will report back to my monsignor
that there was no miracle here.
Your daughter is alive.
This is all that matters.
Eko. Be careful.
I'm fine.
Hey, Eko. What's up there?
Do you see anything?
I don't see nothing.
- It's salted.
- What?
The earth has been salted
so that nothing can grow.
Why would anyone wanna salt it?
There's nothing here.
I believe they made a circle, a target,
so that this place
can be seen from up above.
They? What place?
The place that this plane fell upon,
John. Come on.
[heavy thud]
Will you help me with this?
- May l?
- Please. Be my guest.
We were gonna have our first date.
Picnic on the beach.
I'm glad you're OK, man.
[both strain and pant]
[electrical hum, static]
[repetitive mechanical whir]
[air hisses]
[printer continues]
[synthesizer intro music]
Hello. I'm Dr. Mark Wickmund,
and this is the orientation film
for Station 5 of The Dharma Initiative.
Station 5, or The Pearl,
is a monitoring station
where the activities of participants
in Dharma Initiative projects
can be observed and recorded
not only for posterity,
but for the ongoing refinement
of the Initiative as a whole.
As Karen DeGroot herself has written,
"Careful observation is the only key
to true and complete awareness. "
Your tour of duty in The Pearl
will last three weeks
and during this time you will observe
a psychological experiment in progress.
Your duty is to observe team members
in another station on the island.
These team members are not aware
they are under surveillance
or that they are subjects
of an experiment.
Working in eight-hour shifts,
you and your partner will record
everything you observe
in the notebooks we 've provided.
What is the nature of the experiment,
you might ask?
What do these subjects
believe they are accomplishing
as they struggle to fulfill their tasks?
You, as the observer,
don't need to know.
All you need to know
is the subjects believe their job
is of the utmost
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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