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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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you must move past them.
What is done is done. Do you understand?
Yes, Yemi.
And, Eko? Bring the ax.
What's the matter?
You all right, mate?
I need to find John.
- [Jack] What were you thinking, John?
- [Kate] Leave him alone.
- No, don't.
- [Jack] Shut it, Sawyer.
- If Ana hadn't lifted your gun...
- Swell.
Gimpy McCrutch covers up that
the Artist Formerly Known As Henry Gale
tried to strangle your little amiga
and it's on me when she goes vigilante.
- How about you go back to the beach?
- Hey, enough. Both of you.
[metallic creak, Michael groans]
Michael. Hey.
- He shot me.
- Who?
- He's gone. He ran out.
- Go. I got him.
[pants] I was sleeping
and I heard gunshots. I got up.
I came out of the bedroom
and there was this guy.
He had a gun and...
[gasps, splutters]
All right, come on.
We gotta get you up, all right?
[Eko] Let me help you.
[Michael moans]
She's dead.
[she coughs, Sawyer groans]
[Libby splutters]
[Jack] Kate, we gotta get her up. We
gotta get her up to the back room, OK?
Grant us this mercy, O Lord,
we beseech thee.
[pants, wheezes]
She's in shock. All right,
we gotta keep pressure on this one.
Can you do anything? Jack?
I heard you.
Just keep pressure on her, OK?
How is she?
I'm doing what I can.
- How long ago?
- What?
When did this happen?
How long ago did he leave?
I don't know.
Twenty minutes, maybe a half-hour ago.
We can pick up the trail,
catch up to him.
- Man's got a head start, a gun...
- He shot three people. One's dead.
Who's gonna take care of Libby while
you're off playing Daniel Boone?
I will go.
John, you have tracking experience, yes?
We will find his trail together.
You find anything,
you come right back here
and we figure out
what we're gonna do next together.
Let's go, John.
How long has it been
since your last confession?
[man] Good question. Too many years
for me to even remember.
What do you wish
to ask God's forgiveness for?
- What sins have you committed?
- Well, let's see.
Well, I slept with another woman
besides my wife.
- Just once or many times?
- How many is "many"?
To receive God's forgiveness
you must be penitent for your sins.
I also forged lD papers
for a guy pretending to be a priest.
Do you have it?
So what did you do, Padre?
Skim from the collection plate?
You know, I've got some friends in Los
Angeles. I could get you on with them.
- Doing what?
- You know, stuff.
- Morning, Father Tunde.
- Good morning, Monsignor.
Mr. Caldwell has been helping me
arrange my trip to the United States.
I'm sorry, Father,
but I've got some bad news.
You're gonna have to
postpone your trip.
It appears we have a miracle.
My daughter, she... she drowned.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Oh, no, you don't understand.
She came back to life.
We were out in the backblocks
and Charlotte must have slipped
and she went into the river
and she's not much of a swimmer.
She was dead,
and the next day she woke up.
Don't you understand? It's a miracle.
A confirmation of faith.
Everyone needs to know about this.
- Where is your daughter now?
- At home with my husband.
And what does he think?
The world needs to know.
We need to tell the Vatican.
I'm sorry.
We can't just do that, Mrs. Malkin.
The church needs to conduct an
investigation before anyone can be told.
Father Tunde will start this process,
if you'll permit him.
Mrs. Malkin, would you
excuse us for a moment?
Of course.
Monsignor, with all due respect,
I cannot do what you have asked.
Why not?
Because I do not believe
what this woman says.
Why do you think I chose you?
Are you seeing something I'm not?
I haven't seen a single track or
piece of sign since we left the hatch.
- What the hell are you following?
- Where is the question mark?
The what?
The question mark, John. Where is it?
You know what?
You keep chasing after your own shadow.
I'm going back.
I know you do not
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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