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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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[Michael jabbers]
- Michael! Hey, Michael?
- Jack?
- [laughs] Hey, man.
Man, where...
How did I get...
Wait, try to take it easy, OK?
You're back in the hatch.
We found you out in the jungle
last night.
Oh, my head.
[Locke] Welcome back.
Hey, John.
I found them.
After I left, I hiked north.
Back to where we were.
Hiked to the beach,
followed the shoreline.
A day later, I saw one.
- What did he look like?
- He was dirty.
Worn clothing. No shoes. Simple.
Just like the rest of them.
- Like the rest of them?
- Yeah. His people. The Others.
I followed him back to his camp.
They live in tents.
Canvas tents and teepees.
They eat dried fish.
They're worse off than we are.
- How many of them were there?
- I counted 22.
- And the boat...
- I didn't see it.
Did you... Did you see Walt?
But I know he's there.
What about everyone else they took?
Cindy? Did you see any other kids?
No. No, no kids.
But I think they're in the same place
as my boy.
- They have a hatch.
- How do you know that they...
There's a set of metal doors leading
underground. What else could it be?
You think that's where
they're keeping the kids?
They keep it guarded 24/7.
Two guards, two guns.
And two guns is all I saw.
They're barely armed.
Most of them are old.
And half of them are women.
I wanted to...
I couldn't save him.
So I came back to tell you.
To tell you that we can take them.
As soon as I get my strength back,
I will take us back there.
And we are gonna get my boy back.
[machinery bleeps and whirs]
You were right.
- Right about what?
- About Henry.
What you and Sayid did to him when
you first found him, you were right.
I don't like how you did it,
but I shouldn't have gotten in your way.
Well, you did what you thought was right
at the time you thought it, Jack.
I just hope the next time you decide
to do something, you include me.
And something tells me
that's gonna be soon.
You heard Michael. We can take them.
Our friend with the beard
told us not to cross the line.
These people are liars, John.
Why the hell should we take their word
on anything?
I couldn't agree more.
now what?
[Kate] Where are you going?
To get our guns back from Sawyer.
We're gonna need you
to help convince him.
- Who's gonna take care of Michael?
- I'll stay. You guys go ahead.
- You sure?
- Give Sawyer my best.
All right. We'll be back soon.
Watch your head. Almost there.
You ever watch The Flintstones?
Sure, I used to watch it all the time
when I was in the hospital.
When I broke my hip.
Did you ever notice how Fred would run
by the same thing over and over again?
Third time past this tree.
That's a different tree.
[sighs] Hurley, it's OK if you're lost.
Dude, I'm not lost. Will you trust me?
We're right about to walk onto the most
excellent secret beach on the island,
and... surprise!
Hurley, this is our beach.
There's Jin.
Hey, I tell you what,
why not have the picnic here?
- Come on, give me the blankets.
- Blankets?
You don't have any blankets?
How about drinks?
OK, I tell you what,
I will handle the blankets,
you just track down Rose and Bernard. I
saw them pull wine from the pallet. OK?
Oh. Wine.
[chuckles] Groovy.
Hey, maybe if I get drunk enough
I'll remember where I know you from.
Yeah. OK.
[Jack] Sawyer.
- Put the book down.
- It's not a book, it's a manuscript.
I'm about to be the first and only guy
to find out "whodunit".
I think I got it figured out,
so cool your damn jets
and walk around the coconut trees.
I got ten pages left.
Want to figure it out?
What the hell is your problem, Doc?
It's time to give us the guns back.
- You burn the ending of my book...
- Where are they, James?
- You too, Brutus?
- Just take us there. All right?
Quit playing around.
What? You bring her along
for a sympathy vote?
She ain't in my head, Doc, so why don't
you two just go play in the jungle?
Take us to the guns. Now.
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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