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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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Please report any unattended articles
or suspicious behavior
to police or security...
Hey, Mike. T equila-tonic.
[man] Long day, huh?
Good to see you again.
You, uh, "wanded" me at security.
Another one, please.
[clears throat]
So how does one get into "wanding"?
One stops being a cop.
What a coincidence.
I just stopped being a doctor.
- Why'd you quit?
- I didn't.
My son ratted me out
for drinking on the job. Thank you.
[clears throat]
Lost my license.
Yeah, I know, it's hilarious.
No, no, it's just that,
I don't believe that parents
and their kids should work together.
- Too many issues.
- I'll drink to that.
- So, where you headed?
- Sydney. Sydney, Australia.
You wanna come?
I'm serious.
Why would I go to Sydney with you?
Maybe fate has just thrown
the two of us together.
You know,
like two drinks in an airport bar.
Why would fate do that?
Same reason fate does anything,
so that we can help each other out.
You do need help, right?
Unless you don't.
What I'm doing down there
could be dangerous.
I need someone to protect me,
a bodyguard.
It's perfect for someone who
"stopped being a cop".
- I don't even know your name.
- Ooh. Let's not use real names.
I'll tell you what, why don't you
pick a name for me,
and then I'll pick one for you.
- You look like a "Tom".
- Tom. What an excellent name.
And you should be a...
What happened?
I cut myself shaving.
The guy in the hatch tried to kill me.
You OK?
I'm fine. But he won't be.
- Hey, Ana?
- What?
Don't do anything stupid.
[clicking, rumbling]
If you've come to apologize, I forgive
you for hitting me with your crutch.
I'm so glad my head didn't break it.
Now that's a broad question.
Why did you try to hurt Ana Lucia
but not me?
I'm not sure I know
what you're getting at, John.
I was trapped under that blast door.
Helpless. You could've crushed my skull.
But you didn't do a thing.
Why didn't you?
Because you're one of the good ones,
What? Good what?
None of this matters. I'm dead anyway.
The doctor's gone to make a trade,
and we both know he'll come back
empty-handed, and then...
I've lost my value.
So either Jack comes back here
and kills me
or my people find out where
I'm being held and they do it.
Why would your own people
want to kill you?
Because the man in charge...
He's a great man, John, a brilliant man.
But he is not a forgiving man.
He'll kill me because I failed, John.
I failed my mission.
What mission?
When that woman caught me in her trap,
I was on my way here, John.
I was coming for you.
[Kate] Locke!
[Jack] Locke, get out here!
[Jack] Locke!
[Kate] John!
Hey, I've been knocking those things
down for 20 minutes.
Get your hands off my damn mangoes.
Didn't figure you
for the fruit-picking type.
What do you want?
I need a gun.
Well, here's an idea: why not go to
your buddy Jack? He's got himself a gun.
That's right; he's still traipsing
around the jungle with Kate.
If you've got a problem because
he's making time with your girlfriend,
don't take it out on me, man.
How about you just give me a gun?
Here's another idea: scram.
You heard me. Now, git!
[Tom] Sarah!
Sarah, open the damn door!
Good, you're up.
It's time. Protection duty.
Come on, let's go.
After four days of drinking
and doing nothing,
now, in the middle of the night,
you're ready to go?
That's exactly right.
It's time, come on.
Fate's calling, Sarah.
[Walking After Midnight plays on radio]
[Tom] This is it. Pull over, right here.
This is what you needed protection for?
The suburbs?
Just stay in the car.
Should I keep the meter running?
[Walking After Midnight continues]
[rumble of thunder]
[music continues on radio]
Look, she's my daughter
and I have every right to see her!
- No, you don't have a right. Get out!
- I'm coming in here!
- You can't
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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