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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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Why is that?
Because you chose me to go with you
instead of Sawyer.
I asked Sayid first,
but he turned me down.
And I only asked you
because they don't want you.
They grabbed you, had you at gunpoint.
They coulda kept you, but they didn't.
Then again,
they didn't really want me either.
Damaged goods... both of us.
What's that?
- It's a doll.
- Wait, don't!
Don't! Don't!
[Kate] Sorry.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
Oh, good, so you can hear me.
This isn't one of theirs.
No, it's not sophisticated enough.
Must be one of Rousseau's traps.
Hopefully she's not far from here.
Could be a week before she shows up.
- What are you doing?
- I'm trying to get the gun.
- I can't get my arm around.
- All right, here, let me...
All right.
Sorry, I don't want to shoot you.
You got it?
- OK, ready?
- Yeah.
Got it! Got it, got it, got it!
- Got it.
- All right. Now, give me the gun.
- Why? What for?
- I'm gonna try to shoot the rope.
- Whoa! Hey!
- I'm a better shot than you.
Oh, really?
Yeah. I told you,
I grew up hunting with my dad.
Damn it!
Well, at least they know where we are.
OK, now, give me the gun.
- Are you gonna waste another bullet?
- Don't worry.
We'll still have 1 3 more
to shoot each other with. Come on.
You have a better angle than I anyway.
Oh, that's gonna be your excuse
when I make the shot?
When you make the shot.
Nice shot.
No! No-no-no-no-no!
You're doing it all wrong!
I told you, three rows!
Three, so they can see it from the air!
[speaks Korean]
Three rows. How hard is that?
Do I have to do everything myself?
No. No-no-no! No, Jin! No, wait.
I just want to get my wife home.
I want to get Rose home.
[Rose] You're in my spot.
I can move.
- Can you?
- Oh, that's funny.
I guess your sense of humor got trapped
under that door with your leg.
I saw your husband walking
through the jungle, hauling rocks.
He's building a big sign in the sand,
so the satellites will see it.
That man doesn't know the difference
between an errand and a fool's errand.
Well, Rose, most of us don't.
So, what are you doing down here, John?
Can't remember the last time
I saw you out of that hatch.
I'm done with the hatch.
Oh, now, you're just frustrated.
You'll be out of that splint and running
around the island again in no time.
And yet, Jack said
it'd be at least four weeks.
But, honey, you and I both know
it's not gonna take that long.
[woman] Right this way, Rose.
Please, make yourself comfortable.
Isaac will be right with you.
[man] You must be Rose.
Why don't you have a seat?
So, how does this work?
I sit here and you chant
or pray or what?
There are certain places
with great energy,
spots on the Earth
like the one we're above now.
Perhaps this energy
is geological, magnetic...
or perhaps it's something else.
And, when possible,
I harness this energy
and give it to others.
May l?
What... What is it?
I'm sorry.
I can't do anything for you, Rose.
I didn't expect you to.
It's not that you can't be healed.
Like I said...
there's different energies.
This is not the right place for you.
Where is the right place?
I wish I knew.
[girl laughs]
- I'll return your husband's donation...
- Don't.
I'm gonna tell him you fixed me.
I'm going to tell him you fixed me.
What did you mean back there?
- What?
- In the net.
You said they were sophisticated,
the Others.
Last week when the baby got sick,
Claire and I went into the jungle,
and found another hatch.
- What?
- Like a medical station.
There was nothing you could use,
it was all cleared out. But...
I found some lockers. They had clothes
inside, all worn and dirty,
but they were on hangers,
like costumes, you know?
And there was a makeup kit...
and a fake beard.
When were you gonna tell me this?
When you decided
to let me back in the club.
You can keep one of them locked up in
the hatch for
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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