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Главная / Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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from what you did to his face,
that's what you want, too.
This is at least a day's walk.
Then we should get going.
- You OK?
- Fine. Thanks.
That cliff there appears to be this.
[Ana Lucia] Score one for Henry.
Pointing out a touchstone does not mean
he's leading us to a balloon.
Maybe not, but at least
we're on the right island.
Humor's not his strong suit.
And I'm saying this to you.
- You looking at my bum?
- No, I'm looking at your gun.
My what?
Maybe you should give the gun
to somebody who knows how to use it.
Maybe I will. As I recall, the last time
you had a gun you murdered someone.
That's enough.
We'll go as far as the base of the cliff
and we'll camp there.
- [Sun] How long is it supposed to take?
- Up to two minutes.
- I'm sorry. I'm just...
- I know.
Where did Sawyer
find one of these, anyway?
I mean, who flies
with a pregnancy test, right?
Have you ever taken one?
Thank you for waiting with me
and not asking
why you're here and not Jin.
You're welcome.
It's time.
You're pregnant.
Is it 1 00% sure?
There's only one way to find out.
These tests are pretty accurate.
A false negative in the first week,
maybe, but a positive is a positive.
- But it's impossible.
- Oh, no, it's possible. [chuckles]
Are you feeling queasy, light-headed?
Please, Jack, this is private.
Nobody can know.
- You're not gonna tell Jin?
- In time, I will. It's just...
It's complicated.
As complicated as Jin being the last one
here to find out you spoke English?
Sun, my advice, and it's just that,
because I'm the last person to ask
about this, but you should tell him.
And when you do, you should
tell him everything, the whole truth.
I've gotta get back to the hatch.
Congratulations, Sun.
You've been down there a lot, Jack.
Is everything OK?
Sure. Yeah. Everything's fine.
You OK?
[man] Sun?
[man] Sun?
Sun, are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
You were distracted
for our entire lesson. You're not fine.
Jin and I went to see a doctor.
He said I cannot have children.
I'm very sorry, Sun.
I was glad.
I'm not saying you should stay for Jin.
You mind?
You should sleep while you can.
Yeah. I can't sleep.
People don't like me.
I've tried to get them to
most of my life, but...
I guess I just gave up a while back.
I mean...
I am what I am.
But you, you've got
a good reason to hate me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for what I did.
You were trying to protect your people.
It wasn't you that killed Shannon,
it was them.
And once we find out he is one of them,
then something will have to be done.
It's gonna rain.
- We should get moving.
- [Charlie] Who wants breakfast?
I have papayas and papayas.
Let's go.
Right. Why eat?
This is it.
This balloon,
it would be rather large, right?
Why am I not surprised?
- We need to look some more.
- This is where he said it would be.
If I'm gonna back your play on this,
Sayid, we need to be sure.
I'll divide the area into three grids.
We'll search as thoroughly
as you please.
Oh, for the love of God.
[Jin speaks Korean]
No, no, no, no. It's not for fish.
No, no, no.
- Pearl. For Rose. Pearl.
- Ah.
No oyster. No oyster here.
Of course not. Why would there be?
Yo, Daddy-o.
- Sawyer.
- Way to go, Papa-san.
You didn't waste much time.
I'd give you a cigar, Bernie,
but I'm fresh out.
- Sun's pregnant?
- Keep it down, there, Suzy.
I don't think Jin Senior here knows yet.
[garbled speech]
[garbled speech continues]
[Jin chuckles]
I... Iove... you.
How is it?
"Men reject their prophets
and slay them,
but they love their martyrs and honor
those whom they have slain."
So what's the difference
between a martyr and a prophet?
Either way,
it sounds like you end up dead.
That's the spirit.
You in the mood for some breakfast?
- What's the computer for?
- Nothing.
Wow. Where'd you guys get
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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