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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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They never spoke a word to me,
nor I to them.
I killed these men.
Smashed in their head with a stone.
Felt their blood on my arms.
I need you to know
how sorry I am for this.
I need you to know
that I am back on a righteous path now
and that I regret my actions.
I ask you for your forgiveness.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I needed to tell someone.
- [Eko knocks]
- [door opening]
[Jack] He looks good. Fever's broken.
- The rash has even started to fade.
- Thank you so much.
I didn't do anything.
- I'll check back in a couple hours, OK?
- OK.
[Aaron cooing]
Mummy made this for you
when you were still inside her tummy.
You know, I wanted them to take you.
But now I know. Now I know
that we're supposed to be together.
You and me. We're supposed
to take care of each other, OK?
You're mine.
- And I love you. I love you so much.
- [Aaron gurgles]
- No cheeseburgers, huh?
- No cheeseburgers.
Bon appйtit.
Is that true
what you said about Hemingway?
- You have good ears.
- You have thin doors.
- You read Hemingway?
- Sure.
Guy ran with the bulls.
Fought in the Spanish Civil War.
Stuff I can wrap my brain around.
This, I can't get through five pages of.
Dostoevsky had his virtues, too.
He was a genius, for one.
- Bullfighting isn't everything.
- [snorts]
So which one are you?
- I'm sorry?
- Are you the genius?
Or are you the guy who always feels like
he's living in the shadow of the genius?
I was... [sighs]
I was never very much
into literary analysis.
I just don't understand
why you let the doctor call the shots.
No one calls the shots.
Jack and I make decisions together.
Right. OK.
My mistake.[rustling]
You were running
like the devil's chasing you.
Maybe he is.
- Good for you, keeping in shape.
- What do you want, Locke?
- What do I want?
- I've been here over a week.
You've never said two words to me,
and now you're sitting outside my tent?
We got a man locked up
down in the hatch.
There's a possibility
he's one of them, the Others.
- Who's "we"?
- Me and Jack.
He's keeping watch right now.
- How long's he been down there?
- Three days.
I'd like you to talk with him.
You have experience with the Others.
You were a cop.
You're the most qualified to figure out
if this man's telling the truth.
Does Jack know
you're coming to me with this?
We got a serious problem, Ana Lucia.
All of us.
I'm taking the necessary steps
to solve it.
I don't need Jack's permission.
Right now there's a man
sitting in a room in my hatch,
and I want him out.
[Rose] I don't wanna give you anything.
It's the thought that counts,
and you didn't think.
I think all the time. Maybe you should
think about giving me a break.
Just hush, Bernard. Just hush.
Are you all right?
I'm... I think
I'm just a little light-headed.
- Well, you look as pale as a sheet.
- Well, give her some water.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Don't pay him any mind, honey.
He's just mad at the world
because he forgot my birthday.
I didn't forget. I don't even know
what day of the week it is, Rose.
It's Saturday, Bernard.
- Honey, can you walk?
- Really, I'm all right.
- Maybe we should go get Jin.
- No.
I think I was just
out in the sun too long.
You spend a lot of time around the baby.
Maybe you caught something.
- At least talk to Jack.
- Really, I'm OK.
Thank you, both of you.
- [beep]
- [door opens]
In English.
I would like an iced tea, please.
- Very good.
- Thank you.
[Locke] Morning, Jack.
You couldn't wait
until I was done in here?
The steam opens up my pores.
Man's got no shaving cream,
he's got to improvise.
I also thought this might be a good time
to talk about our problem.
- Our problem?
- Our Henry problem.
We've had him locked up
for three days.
I get the sense that he's just
not motivated to cooperate with us.
And how are we gonna
motivate him, John?
There's nothing we can do.
We need to
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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