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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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- Where do you think?
You want to buy them or not?
- Forget it.
- [woman] Hey, how much?
- Hundred a piece.
- For any of them?
Yeah, yeah. Taster's choice.
I'll take the $1,200 one
and the $1,300 one.
- Thanks.
- Hey, wait.
- Wait up, man. I'll buy some of those.
- Yeah, me too.
- [man 1] Dana's birthday's next week.
- [man 2] They love their jewelery.
[man 1] Five, six, seven hundred.
Pulse is good, strong.
You just need to watch her.
She's gonna be OK, man.
That bump on her head, do you think
she fell or that someone hit her?
I don't know.
Jack, how well do you know Ana Lucia?
I was just... The Others...
I was out there with you.
I heard that man say if we stayed away,
they'd leave us alone.
We've left them alone, so why would
they attack us a few days later?
If it wasn't them, then who was it?
Like I said,
how well do you know Ana Lucia?
[Ana Lucia] I got a couple more people
interested in joining up.
Yeah? Who?
The big guy
who lives behind Sayid, and Scott.
You mean Steve. Scott's dead.
Scott, Steve...
The point is, after what happened,
people are finally willing
to do something.
Where were you this morning?
- Lots of places.
- During the rainstorm.
You think I had something
to do with Sun getting grabbed?
Now, where would you
get an idea like that?
[Claire] Jack! Jack.
[Claire] Sun's awake.
[Sun groans, gasps]
How's your head? Any pain? Dizziness?
- Just a little bit.
- Do you remember anything?
I was working in my garden
when Vincent ran up.
It started raining, then there was a bag
over my head, and I was being dragged.
- How many were there?
- I don't... I didn't see anything.
[Jin speaks Korean]
[Sun replies in Korean]
I kicked and I fought, and I just ran
as fast as I could. And then I fell...
[Jin and Sun speak Korean]
Hey. What's going on?
Looks like the good folks of lslandtown
are about to form a posse,
get themselves armed up.
I wouldn't be surprised
if Jack didn't find that horse of yours,
start leading the charge
in a big white hat.
The guns.
This is all her play
to get her hands on the guns.
Locke. You need to go
and tell him they're coming.
I need to tell him?
Sawyer, please.
- So, what's next?
- Next?
The next play.
- I'll show you the pigeon drop.
- We already did that. Twice.
And the Tulsa bag scam,
and the Looky-loo.
- I wanna do a big one.
- You wanna do a big what?
A big con.
It's called a long con.
OK, a long con. How does it work?
It works by getting someone to ask you
to do something like it's their idea,
but it's your idea.
But none of that matters,
'cause the one thing you need
for a long con, we ain't got.
I have money.
Sorry, Cassie. 40 grand
in some mutual fund ain't money.
Remember when I told you that
I didn't get anything from the divorce?
I kind of lied.
You kind of lied how much?
600 grand.
Hell, with that kind of money,
let's go find an island somewhere
and sit on the beach
drinking mojitos till we go toes up.
Sawyer, for the first time in my life
I'm actually happy.
And it's not really about the action
or the money.
It's about doing this with you.
Come on.
One long con.
And then the mojitos.
I'll think about it.
Why don't you think about it in here?
Hate to interrupt
whatever the hell it is you're doing.
- What are you doing?
- I'm alphabetizing.
Oh, sure.
Sun gets attacked in the jungle
and you figure it's a good time
to start the Dewey decimal system.
- Good thinking.
- How can I help you, James?
Well, actually, John, I'm here
to help you, give you the heads up.
Heads up?
Jack's on his way over
to open your little gun closet
and take whatever he needs.
You should know he's not alone.
Whole camp's pretty shook up
about what happened to Tokyo Rose.
I'm guessing everybody's gonna
wanna play cowboys and lndians.
And once those guns are out and about,
something tells me
they ain't never going back in.
Why are
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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