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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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not a boar.
His sign's more subtle.
- I need light to follow him.
- Here. Light.
- We'd better head back.
- What?
- Find the trail.
- I've lost it.
You don't just lose a trail.
You just don't want to find him.
I've been running through the jungle
toward the sound of gunfire
because I don't care about Michael.
- Don't turn around on me.
- You won't get him to come back.
If we just turn around and go back,
we're never gonna see him again.
And that's gonna be on us.
On you and on me.
You're exactly right.
But if I were you,
I'd listen to Mr Locke.
Who are you?
He's the son of a bitch
that shot me on the raft.
Why don't you point the gun down?
Probably be best if we just keep
our hands at our sides, gentlemen.
- Where's Michael?
- Don't worry about Michael.
He's not gonna find us.
- What do you want?
- Why don't you build us a fire?
I think it's time we all had a talk.
Geronimo Jackson?
As an expert in all things musical,
I never heard of these guys.
Shocking as that may be.
Geronimo Jackson?
This looks sweet. Let's give her a rip.
So, what do you think is the story
with that Libby chick?
- The story?
- She's kind of cute, right?
In a "I've been terrorized by the Others
for 40 days" kind of way.
There is that.
I think I have a chance with her.
It's the classic desert-island scenario.
If I ever had a shot, this is it.
You think Claire's missed me yet?
Dude, it's been a day.
- This music is quite depressing.
- We can change it, dude.
You ever hear of Geronimo Jackson?
I'm afraid not. Where is Jack and Locke?
They went after Michael.
- Michael?
- He's run after Walt again.
- Everyone's gone to bring him back.
- Who's everyone?
Everyone. Jack, Sawyer, Locke.
And Kate.
Just sit down, Jack.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
I come in peace.
How do you know our names?
You took Walt.
WaIt's fine. He's a very special boy.
You said you wanted to talk. Talk.
How long you been here on the island?
Fifty days.
Fifty days?
That's almost two whole months.
Tell me, you go over a man's house
for the first time,
do you take off your shoes,
put your feet up on his coffee table,
walk in the kitchen,
eat food that doesn't belong to you,
open the door to rooms
you got no business opening?
Somebody a whole lot smarter
than anybody here once said,
"Since the dawn of our species,
man has been blessed with curiosity."
You know the other one
about curiosity, don't you?
This is not your island.
This is our island.
The only reason you're living on it
is because we let you live on it.
I don't believe you.
- You don't believe what?
- I think you got one guy with a gun.
I think there's more of us
than there are of you.
I think if you had any real strength,
you wouldn't have had to send a spy.
That's an interesting theory.
Light them up.
We got a misunderstanding.
Your people, my people.
So, listen carefully.
Right here, there's a line.
You cross that line,
we go from misunderstanding
to something else.
Give me your weapons,
turn around, and go home.
- Jack, maybe...
- No!
I hoped it wouldn't come to this.
Bring her out, Alex.
She was following you.
Like I said, curiosity.
The decision
you gotta make right now is this.
Can you live with the fact that I shot
this woman right in front of you,
and you could've saved her life
by giving up and going home?
Or are you gonna give me your guns,
turn around, and walk away?
It's your call.
- If you touched a hair on her head...
- Shut up.
I'm going to count to three.
Now them.
Give me the other one, too.
You and me ain't done, Zeke.
You all right?
I was just trying to help, Jack.
When you told me not to go, I just...
I made a mistake.
Could you just talk to me for a second?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
- Hey.
- Hey. How did it go?
He died.
- I'm sorry.
- Me, too.
- Who was over?
- My mom.
- The bridge game OK?
- Oh yeah. She's on a
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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