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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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walks, yes?
I consulted many medical journals
before making this trip.
Then you know it was a very different
case under different circumstances.
But a miracle, right?
Everything that my father's saying,
the risks, the unlikelihood,
he's absolutely right.
But will you try?
I'll have to admit him
in the next couple of weeks,
run some tests.
Stay in there.
- Michael.
- Stay in there, Jack.
- Whatever's going on...
- I'm going after my son.
And nobody is going to stop me.
That is my right.
That is a father's right.
There's another way...
You going to shoot me?
No. But I'll shoot your damn computer.
That thing is not what you think it is.
You don't understand, man.
You don't have any idea.
- Now get in there.
- We can do this together.
- I'll come with you.
- No. I have to do it. Now.
And I have to do it alone.
- What happened?
- Michael knocked you out.
- Look over here.
- Why would he...?
He went after Walt.
You feeling nauseated, sick?
- No. I'm OK.
- Good.
Give me a boost up.
It's no use.
I bolted it shut from the inside.
You what?
No point changing the combination
if you can get in through the air vent.
That's really good thinking.
Wanna tell me
why you let Michael in here?
He wanted a gun. For shooting practice.
Shooting practice.
The button.
- How long was I out?
- About 20 minutes.
We're on shift for the next four hours.
Nobody's coming down here.
Better hope Sawyer shows up
to get his Band-Aid changed.
- You just throw a banana at me?
- Couldn't find any rocks.
There are nicer ways
to wake a man up, Freckles.
It's time to get your bandages changed.
- Why can't you do it for me?
- Because I'm not your nurse.
And Jack's got the bandages.
Of course he does.
Wanna give me a hand?
Come on.
- This place still creeps me out.
- You'll get used to it.
Where is everybody?
Jack? John?
- Maybe they went out for ice cream.
- In here.
In here. In the armoury.
Michael locked us in here.
- What'd he say?
- I got it.
Hope you got the combo, Doc.
Right three times to 25.
- 25, got it.
- Left two times to 29.
Right once to 40.
- Howdy, boys.
- What are you doing?
We're going after him.
What happened?
Michael went after Walt.
Went after Walt?
Held a gun on me, put us both in there,
and went after Walt.
- What're you doing?
- What does it look like?
- I'm coming with you.
- You're still on antibiotics.
It's a good thing
I'm travelling with my doctor, then.
How is he?
- I thought you'd gone home.
- My home is a hotel room.
I like it more here.
I think you need to find a better hotel.
You didn't answer my question.
His counts aren't
where I'd like them to be.
You've been doing tests for a month now.
I'm thorough.
I have a confession to make.
I don't believe in miracles.
Guess I'm not too sure
about them, either.
I bet your wife feels differently.
Your wife, she is the woman
you fixed, isn't she?
I'm thorough, too.
She must be very special to let you work
until 4:30 in the morning.
Completely lost track...
- I gotta... Will you excuse me?
- Of course. Go.
And, Jack, thank you.
Of course.
Good night.
How is he?
Hey. Sorry to wake you.
I gotta get up anyway.
So, how is he?
About the same.
Sarah, I'm sorry. I meant to...
It just got...
That's the price
of being a miracle worker.
- Where you going?
- I gotta go to the gym.
Then I got some papers to grade.
I didn't wanna say anything
until I knew either way, but...
I was late, so I got a pregnancy test.
Don't worry. It was negative.
Do you wanna talk about it?
What's to talk about?
Sarah, l...
See you later, Jack.
I can't say it's definitely Michael's,
but it looks like his boot print.
There's one over here, too.
That sounds like a trail.
- You got a gun for me?
- You're not coming.
Excuse me?
Someone has to take care of the button.
So, why should that person be me?
You're not coming. You're
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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