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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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have murder in my heart.
I'm gonna have to call them.
Can I have an hour?
Bye, Daddy.
Can you hear me?
I'm probably crazy...
and this doesn't matter...
but maybe you're in there, somehow.
And you asked me a question.
You asked me why l...
Why I did it.
It wasn't because
you drove my father away.
Or the way you looked at me.
Or because you beat her.
It was because I hated
that you were part of me.
That I would never be good.
That I would never have anything good.
And every time that I look at Sawyer,
every time I feel something for him,
I see you, Wayne.
And it makes me sick.
That's about the sweetest thing
I ever heard.
Who the hell is Wayne?
Am I in a bunk bed?
Yeah, you're in a bunk bed.
Are we saved?
No, Sawyer.
Not yet.
What are the odds?
- The odds?
- Yeah.
Here, hold this down on the table there,
nice and flat.
I mean, think about it.
Somebody made this film.
Someone else cut this piece out.
We crash, two halves of the same plane
fall on different parts of the island.
You're over there. I'm over here.
And now here's the missing piece,
right back where it belongs.
What are the odds?
Don't mistake coincidence for fate.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Airlock's over this way.
Come on, admit it. We've been rescued.
You got it? Sorry.
Watch yourself.
Son of a bitch.
Watch yourself, OK?
- I got it.
- OK.
Home, sweet home.
I really thought
you were yanking my chain.
What do you keep smiling at?
You need a haircut.
Oh, really?
Oh, really?
Maybe you ought to take me back inside.
You see that?
You mean the big-ass horse standing
in the middle of the jungle? Then, yeah.
You know that horse, freckles?
Yeah, I do.
Tequila and tonic.
That's your drink, right?
- Where's the tonic?
- We're running a little low on mixers.
Sure you wanna waste that on me?
I figured you could use a drink.
I know I could.
You gonna try to convince me that
everyone here doesn't hate me?
Only if you're gonna try to convince me
every woman in the world's not crazy.
When the alarm sounds, either you
or your partner must input the code.
It is highly recommended that you and
your partner take alternating shifts.
In this manner,
you will both stay as fresh and alert...
... utmost importance
that when the alarm sounds,
the code be entered correctly
and in a timely fashion.
Here it comes.
Do not attempt to use the computer
for anything else
other than the entering of the code.
This is its only function.
The isolation that attends the duties
associated with Station Three
may tempt you
to try and utilise the computer
for communication with the outside
world. This is strictly forbidden.
Attempting to use
the computer in this manner
will compromise
the integrity of the project and...
worse, could lead to another incident.
I repeat: do not use the computer for
anything other than entering the code.
Until your replacements arrive, the
future of the project is in your hands.Previously on Lost:
- Are you sure you really want to?
- I've made my choice.
- Where's it come from?
- Based on the maps, Nigeria.
- Anyone on board?
- Two men dressed as priests.
- Priests?
- Drug runners in disguise.
The plane was loaded with heroin.
Kill him.
Shoot him. Now.
Shoot him!
Do it.
What's your name, boy?
What's your name, boy?
Look at Mr Eko. No hesitation.
A born killer.
You won't need that anymore.
What are you writing?
Things I need to remember.
Do you mind if I sit?
- Please.
- Thanks.
- So, you're Eko, huh?
- Yes.
Claire. And this is Aaron.
Aaron? The brother of Moses.
That must've been tough to live up to.
Everyone saying, "Why can't you be
more like your brother Moses?"
I'm sure it was.
Why did you choose it? Aaron?
I just liked it.
Aaron was a great man.
Moses had great difficulty speaking,
so it was Aaron who spoke for him.
So, you're religious, huh?
You should
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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