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Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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They're back.
Locke found a...
...hatch in the ground
about a half mile from here.
We left to blow it open
so we could hide inside.
So all of us could hide inside
in case...
But it doesn't matter,
it's not gonna work,
there's no way for all of us
to get in there tonight.
Jack, where's Dr Arzt?
- He didn't make it.
- What?
- Oh, my God.
- Did you see them?
- Did you see the Others?
- Hey! Shannon! There are no "Others".
- We've had this conversation.
- What would you know?
You didn't see anything.
You don't know! You don't know!
Everything's going to be OK.
Let's just... Iet's take it easy.
We're gonna be all right.
We're gonna stay here tonight, OK?
We've still got four guns.
We'll put lookouts at all the entrances.
We're all gonna be safe
as long as we stay together.
The sun comes up in three hours,
and we are all gonna be here
to see that happen.
I promise.
- John. What are you doing?
- I'm getting some cable.
What for?
It's for the hatch. I'm going in.
You think that's the smartest thing
to do right now, John?
I doubt it. In fact, you're right.
Safest thing is to stay here.
Wait for morning.
Wait for these "Others",
to see if they ever show up.
Wait for the brave folks on the raft
to bring help.
But me? I'm tired of waiting.
So, do you believe it?
Believe what?
That everything's gonna be OK.
Yeah. I do.
Kind of unlike you.
The whole glass-half-full thing.
There's a glass?
You did a good thing.
Saying what you said.
Taking care of everybody. And just
giving them something to count on.
If you weren't here, Jack...
I'm going to the hatch.
I understand why you can't go. I mean,
they need you here, I get it. I do.
But Locke's going into that thing
whether you like it or not.
And if he falls and breaks his neck...
Live together, die alone, right?
Your fiancйe was seriously injured.
It could take as long as ten,
maybe twelve hours.
I won't know how extensive the damage is
until I get inside.
She was going for a dress fitting
and to look at tablecloths.
When is it? The wedding?
It's eight months.
I'm sure Sarah will have recovered
by then, if...
"Recovered?" What does that mean?
There will be ongoing physical therapy,
- but if she works really hard...
- Will we be able to...
you know... make love?
You need to know that there is a chance
Sarah might very well need professional
care for the rest of her life.
What, like, she won't be able
to go to the bathroom by herself?
Come here.
Come here.
I want to tell you a little secret.
Come on.
It's OK.
I know I'm not gonna be dancing anymore.
I can still roll around at my wedding.
You're invited, OK?
I'm going to fix you.
Expected to find you
halfway down there by now.
I was waiting for you.
- So you want me to go down first?
- Well, you're lighter.
I can belay you down
and bring you back up just as easy.
Shaft might get
narrower down there, too.
You left out the part where you just
wanna see if I get eaten by something.
Yeah, well. That too.
- Not too tight?
- I've got it.
What do I say if need to stop?
Right. OK. Let's go.
Kate! Are you all right?
I dropped the light.
Maybe we should...
Well, OK, then.
What is it?
John! I think there's something down...
Kate, are you all right?
You're kidding, right?
You're going back?
- Yeah.
- What about all that stuff you said
about waiting until morning
and watching the sun rise?
I changed my mind.
Damn it!
- You all right, brother?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
Take it easy, keep the weight off.
Here, let me look.
Does this hurt?
Well, you haven't sprained it, then.
Don't fancy your chances
of catching up, though.
- I wasn't trying to catch up.
- Oh, aye, 'course you weren't.
- What do you know about sprains?
- I was almost a doctor, once.
Small world.
You're a doctor, then?
- So what's your excuse?
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2 Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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